You will need
  • - the wrench;
  • - puller;
  • - tool is "whip".
Turn the bike upside down, setting it on the handlebars and saddle. Disconnect the rear wheel of the bike and remove the axle eccentric. Here you need to be careful not to lose fixed on the sides of the guide spring.
Take the key-puller and insert it into the slot in the cassette with sprockets. Ensure that the puller is fully seated in the grooves on the cassette.
Now you will need a special Bicycle tool is "whip". This resembles an ordinary wrench, attached to pieces of Bicycle chain. This chain needs to throw on one of the stars is thus able to lock the wheel so that it does not rotate during further manipulation with asterisks. For work it is important that the chain "whip" was draped over the sprocket at the top. The teeth of the sprocket should snugly fit into the holes in the chain "whip". If the chain "whip" refuses to stay on the teeth constantly slide off, it may indicate that the sprocket teeth are too much worn. In this case, you should try to fix the whip on another, less worn sprocket.
Set the crank to "whip" so that it is shown to the right. At the same time rotate the whip clockwise, and the puller against its movement. In this way you will be able to remove the snap ring. This part of the procedure for replacing the sprocket may require a considerable physical effort.
After the snap ring is removed, remove the bushing from the sprocket. Please note that you have to collect them again, so it is important to remember the order in which was assigned sprockets of different size and intermediate goals. If you mix up the order of the stars, the speed will be broken.
Carefully inspect the removed stars. Replace any worn parts with new ones. Those stars that are not yet in need of replacement, you must thoroughly clean the dirt from adhering to them and sand. Also you need to clean the hub with a fixed sprocket.
When all items have been cleaned, start stringing the asterisk and a separating intermediate washers on the bushing. It is important to ensure that the sprocket was located in the correct order.
When all sprockets threaded on the sleeve, secure retaining ring with a key-puller. Use the wrench in order to lock the lock ring tight enough.