Advice 1: How to cut using pen Photoshop

Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop contains powerful tools to highlight portions of an image. The Pen Tool (the Pen) is one of them. With enough skill, with its help you can process objects of very complex shapes.
How to cut using pen Photoshop
Open the image and create a copy, use the Duplicate Layer command ("Duplicate layer") from the menu Layer ("Layer"). All changes need to make on a new layer so as not to damage the main image.
On the toolbar, select the Brush Tool (Brush) and set its parameters in the properties panel: size 3 px, hardness 100. Press P to activate Pen Tool (the Pen). It will have the properties you defined for the brush.
To smoothly bend straight segments, use the Direct Selection Tool ("Arrow"). It can be activated by pressing the A key in the English layout. With the arrow of white color changes the selected polygon. The black arrow moves the selection.
Passes through this point cut a tangent, which you can use to change the shape and length of the stretch of the selection. To do this, grab the mouse end of the control cut and pull. Give the selection of the desired bend. To remove an anchor point, click the right button and select the Delete Anchor Point.
When you gently turn the object, click within the selection right click and select Make Selection ("Create selection"). In the new window set the Feather Radius value ("feather Radius"). The higher the value, the more blurry the edges of the selection.
Useful advice
Create and delete control points by using tools from the group P. They look like "Pen" with the signs "+" and "-"

Advice 2: How to update your version of Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most comfortable, high quality and popular image editors. The creators are aware of the popularity of his creation and release of the line upgrades and additions and new modifications of the program. And if you regularly deal with image processing, it is recommended to upgrade an existing version of Photoshop.
How to update your version of Photoshop
Go to the official website of the developer of the program is or just use any Internet search engine by entering the query "Download updates for Photoshop". In the query or in the search on the website specify your version of graphic editor, for example, "Update Adobe Photoshop CS4".
Select the appropriate update and download it to your computer. Run the file and follow the enclosed instructions. Restart the computer after installing updates. If the app is confusing you, use it trial (free) version. Upon expiration of the free use submit your payment according to the instructions attached to the file.
If after installing all the updates to an existing version of Photoshop doesn't meet your requirements, you will have only one option – download and install a new, more advanced version. To do this, repeat the already described operation, just adjust the query in the search engine "Download Adobe Photoshop", putting the version you need (e.g. Adobe Photoshop CS5).
Make sure that your PC has not a pirated version of the program. "Pumped" only the official version or those are compromised with a set of registration keys. Your Photoshop downloaded from the Internet and when you install, did not request any registration? Then you have to look for the "white" version or be content with what you have.
Useful advice
Team Photoshop regularly launches various updates and additions, some of which need only a professional user. In order to not overload your computer with useless files for you, check out the description of the chosen updates on the official website of the developer.

If you download from the Internet with a hacked version updates, first check your antivirus and make sure that the update really fits your version of Photoshop. Carefully read the description of the downloaded file.
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