Open the image in Photoshop by using the shortcut Ctrl+O. Select the desired region using the tool the Marquee Tool (Rectangular region) in the toolbar. Select the desired form for selection. Highlight by holding the left mouse button. Dotted frame will appear.
Highlight region of the image, if it has a complex shape, by using one of three tools: Lasso Tool (Lasso), Magic Wand (Magic wand tool) or Pen Tool (the Pen), which is also located on the toolbar. For the selection via a lasso circling an area on the contour. To highlight the magic wand click on the area.
To highlight with a pen outline of the curve contour region, Alt drag the marker curve (circles). Press Ctrl+Enter to create a selection. If necessary, switch to quick mask mode by pressing Q, brush paint over the area again and press Q.
To cut out a pixel region, press Ctrl+X or Del or go to Edit (Edit) and choose Cut (Cut). The image area is cut out (i.e. deleted), instead, it will result in an empty area, filled with chess cells of either color from the color palette.
To cut a region and copy it onto a new layer, click the top menu Layer (Layers). Select New section (New) and click on the word Layer via Copy (to copy to a new layer). To copy to a new layer you can also Ctrl+J.
To cut out the area on the document, instead of a region on the image formed empty space, go to Layer, then New, and Layer via Cut (Cut on a new layer). The area will be copied to a new layer, but the image of this area will not. Not to open a tab in the top menu, press Shift+Ctrl+J.
Without pre-selection to cut specific area of a specific size, press C, select the region, edit if necessary, the cutting contours. Press Enter. The area is clipped without saving the rest of the image.