You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop, the image you want to edit.
Run the program Adobe Photoshop. Open an image you need to edit: File-Open.
In the lower right corner you will see a tab Layers –layers that displays all operations with the layer. Click the right mouse button click on the layer name and select Duplicate Layer of "duplicate layer", write the name you want and click OK. This will allow not to spoil the original image during operation. If you don't want to create a separate layer, then left-click twice on the layer name to remove protection from it, indicated by a little padlock.
The next step is to work directly with the image. On the right in the toolbar, select the tool "Magic wand" (Magic Wand Tool) identified a similar icon, or press the keyboard with English letter W.
Click the icon in the place that you want to remove the photos. In this case, the bright background portion of the image near the head. Selected for removing the segment will be outlined with a dotted line. If the program has correctly recognized the area that you want to delete, press Delete.
Similarly, remove the remaining part on the other side of the head.
If you need to leave the image only the head and neck, removing a piece of clothing, you need to just click this tool and on clothes of the person in the photo.
If it so happened that the dotted line is the captured part of the face, at the top of the program toolbar there is a button that allows to move the selection – Subtract from selection designated with either a minus sign icon near the tool "magic wand" or double square, and white should be at the top. To return to the options of area selection for deletion, click the usual square or oval on the same toolbar, and then select the area to delete.
The remaining unwanted parts of an image erase with the Eraser Tool "eraser".