To distinguish the outline in Photoshop in several ways. The easiest involves the use of the "Magic wand" Magic Wand. In the components palette, its icon looks like a wand with a star at the end. To correct the peaking Magic Wand should be properly configured. Set the tool properties, the Tolerance parameter (tolerance) equal to 30. This value will allow confident enough to separate the contour of the desired image from the background.
To work with the "Magic wand" is very simple. Bring her to the edge of the object, the contour of which you wish to select and click the left mouse button. The outline of the image will be highlighted. Now press Shift and hold, click again with the left mouse button near the not-yet-selected path of the image. Pressing Shift allows you to pull further already selected the contour. Continue the same method to create the contour. If you make a mistake, switch to English layout and press Ctrl + Z the last action will be cancelled.
When the circuit is closed, go to edit selection. You may need it in case if in some parts of the image delineation was performed correctly and the contour cut part of the image. Slightly reduce the tolerance value, then move the Magic Wand to the captured contour of the image. Hold down the Alt key, click the mouse wrongly identified the area. The circuit will be corrected. Now hit Del, the existing background around the image will be removed and filled with background selected in the components palette.
To allocate more complex circuits, especially merging with the background, use the "Lasso" (Lasso Tool). Click on it and click the left mouse button and drag the tool around the perimeter of the image until the while loop will not be closed. The disadvantage of this tool is that here the selection goes manually and its quality is determined by how accurately you move the mouse.
In many cases, the opportunities for Magic Wand and Lasso are not sufficient for accurate determination of the contours of a complex object. For example, you need to cut photos with the image of a cat, so to keep mustache and hair. Select "Magic wand" or "Lasso" every strand of wool is impossible, and not necessary – there are more comfortable pens.
Select the Pen tool "Paths". Now successive clicks of the mouse, highlight the desired contour of the image element. Creating a complex circuit rather time-consuming, but the result pays for all costs of time. It does not seek to distinguish the smallest elements of the circuit (like whiskers and cat fur), at this stage, you need to identify a common contour. Lock it clicking the last time on the first point. Now, by using the tool "Refine edge" (Refine Edge), you can more accurately determine the boundaries of the contour. Given that this tool is quite complex, read about it in specialized articles.