You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop.
Decide how it should be circled in the picture. If you need to outline the entire image (actually, to create a frame around it), go to the second step. If you need to circle the picture that is included with the image part of it, follow the steps described in steps 4-8.
Increase the size of the canvas horizontally and vertically to the desired value. Press Ctrl+Alt+C or in the Image tab of the main menu, select "Canvas Size...". Specify the new values for the Width and Height fields of the appeared dialog. In the group of buttons click on the center Anchor. Click OK
Draw a circle around the picture. Activate the Paint Bucket tool. As the foreground color, select the one that will be filled in the created frame. Click anywhere in empty area around the picture, added in the second step.
Create a work path describing the outline that you want to wrap the picture. Use the tools on the Pen or Freeform Pen, or convert it into path selection (it can be more convenient). Scroll, outline the picture using the right tools. Click on the highlighted area, right-click. In the context menu select "Make Work Path...". A dialog box will appear. In the field Tolerance enter the tolerance value. Press the OK button.
Adjust the work path, if necessary. Use the tools Path Selection, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point, Convert Anchor Point.
Decide which tool is circled in the picture, activate it. Usually for this purpose use a Pen or Brush. Set the tool parameters using the controls on the top panel. Select the foreground color (this will be used to create circuit).
Draw a circle around the picture. Switch to the Paths panel. Right click on the list element corresponding to the created on the fourth step of the way. In the context menu, select "Stroke Path...". In the drop-down list, the displayed dialog, specify the tool selected in the sixth step. Press the OK button.
Delete the work path, if it is no longer needed. Right-click on the element in the Paths panel. In the menu, select Delete Path.