You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • order or certificate of the housing;
  • - other documents (if required);
  • - photocopies of all documents.
If you are provided accommodation in a queue or on a priority basis, you will provide written notice about it. Then you should contact the district Department of housing policy, where you have submitted the documents by getting in the queue as needing housing or better housing conditions.
For the contract you should receive the statement on the form is a unified form, which you will get in place when applying, your passport and passports of all family members that were raised with you on the waiting list for housing. Children present a birth certificate.
Also you need to present a marriage certificate or divorce, a copy of the received order or a certificate from the district administration about providing your family with housing, information on benefits if social housing was given out of turn or in the first place.
Imagine all the documents in original and photocopies. Photocopies of your certify, register in the Ledger. If you need additional documents, they will tell you what else to bring. For example, you may need a fresh extract from the house register, certificate of family composition, proof of income 2-pit, certificate single mothers, etc.
The contract of social hiring will conclude with a responsible tenant who may become an adult able-bodied member of the family. All family members of the tenant will fit into the document. They are on a par with the responsible tenant will have the right to use the acquired housing.
The contract is indefinite in two copies for each party, shall be endorsed by signatures.
After signing the contract, refer to PPRC, apply, submit the contract documents certifying the identity of all family members, pay the state duty for registration. Information on the employment of social housing will make in a single register.