To conclude the contract of social hiring, should contact the housing Department of district Administration of Department of housing policy and housing in your area. Thus it is necessary to present following documents:- Declaration of intent to conclude the contract;
- passport of the applicant;
- passports of all family members and copies of them (for citizens under the age of 14 birth certificates);
- the certificate on the conclusion (or termination) of marriage (if spouse will be a party to the agreement);
- certificates, which confirm the ties of kinship (in that case, if other family members will be the parties to the contract);
- the documents confirming the grounds for entry to premises: the order (copy of orders), an extract from the decision of body of Executive power on the provision of premises, the contract of social hiring, the extract from the house register with full information on citizens residing in the residential premises;
- other documents that contain information about the circumstances that gave rise to the appeal.
Department staff checks the submitted documents (their completeness and compliance with the law), and then register them in a special book. Then he issued a statement with a mark about date of reception of the statement. In case of incompleteness of documents or compliance with the law the question about the possibility of conclusion of the contract of social hiring is solved by the County housing Commission.
The contract of social hiring consists in writing, for an indefinite term and shall be endorsed by signatures of the parties. In the event of death of the employer his place in the contract have the right to take any able-bodied member of the family. Also, with the consent of all other members of the family of any of its able-bodied members can claim to be the employer instead of the previous.
The contract of social hiring, as with any other contract, can be terminated at any time by mutual agreement of the parties. The renter on termination of the contract in this case must be in writing confirmed by his family members who live with them in a residential area. The contract is considered terminated from the date of departure of the tenant and members of his family occupied the dwelling.