You will need
  • - technical passport of the room;
  • - passport in the apartment tenants;
  • - the contract of social hiring.
Collect all necessary documents from the list below:
- certificate form 9 in duplicate.

- certificate form 7;

- technical passport for the apartment in three copies;

- extract from the state cadastre;

- explication of the apartment;

- passports of registered citizens in the apartment and a photocopy (first two pages and registration);

- birth certificates of children under 18 years (two copies);

- the contract of social hiring;

- two copies of the order;

- if the order was received after 1998, provide a copy of the order on the basis of which received a new order;

- if the place of residence has changed since 1992., imagine a certificate form 9 for each place of residence in two copies and a certificate stating that the privatization was not carried out;

- if you have a reservation for a room, prepare a certificate form 9 certificate of protection since 1992, and a certificate stating that the previous property was not privatized;

- refusal on the privatization of one of the residents, if any, certified by a notary;

- authorization from the persons interested in privatization (who could not appear in person) certified by a notary and its copy;

- a document about the change of passport data (if they do not correspond to those specified in the order) in two copies;

- if one of prescribed persons died after 2000. you will need the death certificate;

- paid receipt for registration of the right of privatization.
If you decided to make the privatization of yourself, then once all the documents will be collected, go to the Department of housing policy Department of privatization for filing.
Hand in your documents and wait for confirmation of privatisation of Department of housing policy. The process of registration of privatisation, as a rule, it takes three to five months.
Get already registered in the FRS are: registration certificate, contract of transfer of the apartment and a statement on privatization.