You will need
  • Personal statement, the passport, the certificate on the conclusion or dissolution of marriage
Social recruiting is fundamentally different from privatization. Privatized housing – the property of a citizen, and the contract of social hiring suggests that housing is owned by municipal or state.
The contract of social hiring has become an alternative to the warrant for the apartment, familiar to many from the Soviet era. Before the warrant was the basis for the provision of housing, the citizen could live in the apartment indefinitely. Today the premises are provided under the contract of social hiring.
Previously it happened that the citizens lived in a residential area in different documents, some with a warrant, the other under the contract of social hiring. This confusion in legal relations have been eliminated with the introduction of the Housing code of the Russian Federation in 2004, the Code replaced the previous orders on the contract of social hiring.
The conclusion of contracts of employment takes place only on the grounds listed in the law. The waiting list receive housing under the contract of social hiring in connection with the relocation. Persons living in municipal apartments – when deciding on granting the vacated space.
For the social contract of employment provided a written form of its conclusion. Previously, the parties to the contract was a citizen and the organization operating the housing. Now the basis for the contract will be the decision of the Executive authority, which refers to the granting to the citizen of the dwelling. Under the new rules, the agreements are relevant to the housing departments of the city or municipality.
To conclude the contract of social hiring it is recommended that all citizens, although there are no legal implications of the absence of a Treaty does not. But if you encounter a situation with the introduction of a new family member, registration of the subsidized housing, the contract will be required. Can not do without the agreement of social hiring and in cases where you have in mind privatization of housing or expect to pass it in the sublease.
To conclude the contract of social hiring, should contact the housing division of the Department of housing policy. In this body the following documents: the statement, the identity document of the applicant, copies of identity documents of all family members. You may also have the document about the conclusion or dissolution of marriage. Keep the documents constituting the basis for introduction into the room.
After verification by the staff of the housing Department of the completeness of the information and documents that you have submitted, your application will be registered. You should get a statement from the registration book with a mark about documents acceptance date.
The visa processing time is not more than thirty days. Note that you may need additional documents from your side, so in this case the term of consideration may be increased to one and a half months. You, as the applicant must be notified in writing.
For the conclusion of the contract of social hiring in the residential Department is open to all adult family members who are specified in the contract. In case of impossibility of personal appearance is made, the power of attorney. The persons referred to in the contract, get acquainted with him and put their signatures to the document. A copy of the contract is handed to the applicant, the other is sent to the management company for making changes to the account.