You will need
  • - employment contract;
  • data of the employer.
At the conclusion of the contract of employment do not require notarization, but it must be made in writing. The object of the contract in this case is a dwelling that is habitable. It can be separate or part of the apartment or house.
In the contract of hiring of residential premises , you must provide the following information: passport data of the parties, the term of the contract, the amount of payment for living premises, the terms of payment. In addition, you need to enter all of the citizens who will reside with the tenant. The size of payment for premises is established by agreement of the parties, based on the state of the residential premises, its location and other factors. Unilateral change of fees is not allowed. According to article 683 of the civil code, a contract may be concluded for a period of not more than 5 years. The possibility of signing a short term contract for a period up to one year.
In the contract specify the rights and obligations of the employer. The duties of the employer is to ensure keeping and maintaining the premises in good condition. Also, he is obliged to make timely payment for housing. The employer is not entitled to pereobuchitj and reconstruct the premises without the permission of the landlord. Utility payments also lies with the employer, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
To terminate the contract of employment you may, if the destruction or damage of the premises; failure to pay more than two times of payment, on the expiry of the period specified in the agreement; at the request of one of the parties to the contract (in case of emergency sostoyanie premises or it is not suitable for further accommodation).