Features of social recruitment

The apartment, which is available for use under the contract of social hiring, there is usually, one family, taking into account the interests of all its members. Its area and number of rooms must conform to this settlement, but also to take into account not only the number but also the floor of living – heterosexual children of age 9 years of age have the right to a separate dwelling.

Earlier, a warrant for the apartment checked out, so-called, responsible tenant – representative of this family, for which this apartment stand out. In the new edition of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation this concept is missing, it is replaced by the concept of "employer's premises". Under article 82 of the LCD, citizens, members of one family may occupy the apartment a separate dwelling, and with each of them in this case will be concluded a separate contract of social hiring. But since they are one family has the right to demand the conclusion of the General Treaty for the whole apartment. The agreement is to be with some one legally capable family member, with the consent of all the others. This right remains for any able-bodied family member and in case of death of the original tenant. Ie his death or refusal to perform the duties of the employer does not mean that the social contract of employment will be forfeited.
Members of the employer's family are his spouse, children and parents. The rest are recognized as such if they are infused with the employer as family members and lead them to a common household.

Rights and responsibilities employer's premises

All members of the family, was at the municipal square, the rights to it equal. But the rights and obligations of the tenant and his family members reglamentary different articles LCD 67th and 69th, respectively. Thus, in particular, the employer may, on its behalf to rent an apartment to sublet, to register and to give her of other persons, to solve their temporary residence, exchange or replacement of the residential area. He is also entitled to require the timely rescue and repair work from the landlord – the municipality.
If the citizen, specified in the agreement of social hiring, has ceased to be a member of the family of the employer, the right to live remains, but its liabilities it needs to answer yourself.

The responsibility of the hirer is to use the apartment in accordance with its purpose, the contents safe and proper condition, and make timely payment for the apartment and utilities. The family of the employer have the same rights and duties, provided that they are specified in the social contract of employment for this apartment.