You will need
  • passport;
  • statement;
  • notarized consent of the other tenants;
  • the contract of employment (order);
  • permission to exchange.
Find one or more sharing options. Housing you are looking for may be in this or in another city, but in the territory of the Russian Federation. Exchange can only be done in public housing, living conditions should not worsen and the area per person shall be not less than 12.5 square meters. No other restrictions on the area or number of rooms no.
Get written consent of all tenants of the housing. Under article 72 of the Housing code, the tenant may make the exchange with the approval of all registered persons in the apartment. including temporarily absent in the army, in prison, at school in another city, in a long trip or living in the apartment for other reasons.

If such consent is not reached, any of the tenants have the right to demand in court the forced exchange, but the court will only consider ready-made options exchange.
Give the owner of the housing application form for exchange of apartments. Attach the necessary documents to both housing. It will include a warrant for this house or contract of employment, cadastral extract, copy of passport, statement of the Commission on the sanitary state of the apartment, the extract from the house register, the consent of family members, notarized.

If at least one of these residential premises registered minors, to convert you must obtain the consent of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. Apply to the organisation with copies of documents on the apartment in which you wish to move. The decision of these bodies shall be made in writing within 14 working days.
Will receive consent to the exchange of the landlord, that is the municipality of your city. The landlord has the right to refuse a permit, but only if the situation falls under article 73 zht Russia:
when the lessee sued for the cancellation or amendment of the contract of social hiring of premises;
- the living room is recognized unsuitable for residing;
- the right to use the residential premises is being contested in court;
- the decision on the demolition of the relevant houses;
- the exchange moves in a communal apartment of the citizen, suffering by one of heavy forms of chronic diseases (see the list in the Housing godeke).
After receiving a positive response from the interdepartmental Commission, make a Treaty of exchange with the registration of PPRC. Renew the tenancy agreement with the landlord, upon presentation of a passport and birth certificate of children. Check in at the new place of residence.