If for some reason the kid lost his mother's care, consult with a veterinarian, which will help you to choose a substitute cat milk or tell me how to prepare for feeding cow's milk.
To months little kittens eat 6-8 times a day. Understand that the kitten is hungry, so he starts to squeak and crawl in the nest. Up to two weeks of age it is most convenient to feed the baby with an eye dropper. Milk should be slightly warmed. To check the temperature place a drop on the back side of your wrist - if the milk is lukewarm, you can begin to feed.
After two weeks of age you can try to feed babies from a bottle with a nipple. After each meal be sure to massage your tummy the kitten - so every time the cat does to the digestive processes in the small body proceeded correctly.
Closer-to-month kittens can be trained to the saucer. As soon as the kids are hungry and will begin to squeak, place beside them a plate with low edges with milk. To kittens soon realized what they need to do, you can gently poke their nose into the milk. First attempts to drink on their own do not always end successfully. Kids are still poorly understand how to lap up, so will try to involve milk, therefore, will be to choke and cough. Gradually it will pass.
When first attempting to learn to lap from a saucer, many kittens will try to climb into the bowl with the legs. Therefore, to prepare a towel to wipe the hapless swimmers, otherwise they might get cold. As a rule, the month, the kittens finally learn the science of feeding and can eat from a saucer by yourself.