Give the kitten to try milk. In General, give the little kitten milk is only as a last resort – if no mom. At least until a month of age, the kitten needs to be fed mother's milk and later she has to teach him to drink from a saucer. Do not give your kitten regular store-bought milk, unless it is absolutely necessary. Purchase at the pet store special milk formula for kittens, dilute according to instructions. To do this, use only clean utensils without odors. Moisten your finger in the milk mixture and bring to the face of a kitten. He needs to lick your finger. If he refuses to do so, very gently push his jaw and drip into the mouth of the mixture. You want the kitten to know the taste of milk.
Get an eyedropper, type in it the milk mixture (or milk, if the mixture did not managed to get), open the kitten's mouth and very carefully, drop by drop pour the milk into his mouth. Do this very carefully so he didn't choke. Remember that the stomach of a kitten the size of a thimble, so you yourself can estimate how much milk I can give him.
Some time feed the kitten that way. Then start to teach him to drink on his own from the bowl. Pour into low bowl (preferably with a saucer) of milk, put the kitten in front of him. Perhaps he'll feel the familiar smell and begin to drink myself. If not, gently poke his muzzle in the dish so he could dunk it in milk. He'll lick milk and quickly figured out how to drink from the saucer. But even if the kitten still didn't want to drink alone, do not worry – after some time he will definitely know what is what. The first time the kitten will sneeze and snort when will drink – do not worry, he just doesn't know how to drink properly, and the milk gets into his nose.