Proper nutrition – the key to good health and longevity of the animal. Therefore, if you decide to take in a kitten, you must find him suitable food. Some breeders prefer to give their Pets a natural diet (myso, fish, eggs and dairy products). However, this option is not suitable for everyone. If you are overloaded with work, you simply will not have enough time to prepare your cat food made from natural ingredients. In this case the aid will come already ready to feed, which can be purchased at any pet store.

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The choice of food for cats

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The choice of prepared feeds should be approached very responsibly. Do not skimp on the animal. Cheap food can harm the health of your cat. It is better to buy premium pet feeds, which contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Of them should be highlighted the so-called wet food. This category includes various types of canned meat and pates for cats. Wet food is more natural food for the animal. It is made from natural products and contains whole pieces of meat.

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When choosing a wet food, you must carefully examine its composition. Ensure that the product does not contain fragrances, dyes, components of the grain and meat substitutes. Try to choose food made from only one byproduct.

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The best wet food

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To date, some of the best wet food for cats are the following products:

1. Hills. This food is made in Holland and the USA. It fits most cats, has a longer shelf life (unopened) and high calorie. The feed composition is painted in detail on the package.

2. Royal Canin. Royal Canin wet cat food is very nutritious, long shelf life in the package, and causes the animal appetite. This files most often on the shelves of pet stores feed Royal Canin presents Russian production. However, if you wish, you can find products made in Europe.

3. Iams. Feed Iams contain large amounts of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that give the animal's coat healthy and well-groomed appearance. Products Iams can be found in many specialty pet stores of Russia and other CIS countries.

4. Nature Evo. Nature Evo canned food does not contain cereals, so the cats will not have any problems digesting the carbohydrates of the grain of origin.

However, when choosing food for your pet, it is better to look at the brand and the product and its energy value. Watch out also for the condition of his cat. If an animal full of strength and energy, that your chosen food suits him perfectly.