You will need
  • pipette
The most important component in feeding a little kitten milk. Just replace the cat's milk to any other will not work. Milk of any mammal is only suitable for them. If you compare the cat with cow milk, it turns out that the protein it contains in 10 times more, so the mixture for the power of kittens is further added components containing proteins. For the mixture used basis – cow's or goat's milk (80%), which is added egg white (20%). All you need to very carefully mix until completely smooth. It happens that cow's milk is the kitten is not suitable, then can use powdered infant formula, intended for infants. Breed them two times thinner than specified by the instructions for feeding a child age 1 to 2 weeks.
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Every day kittensand will eat a little more milk than the previous day. They grow food and they need more. Whether there are enough kittens in theam have food, it is easy: after feeding they need to fall asleep. If kittensand sucking their thumbs and whining that they are hungry.
кошка мама умерла остались котята как правильно их кормить
Very young kittens are fed with a pipette or a syringe without a needle, you can use a very small nipple. If you feed the kitten with a syringe and pipette, adjusting the feed rate of milk it is you, so take your time, otherwise the kitten may choke.
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Let kittensam blend of warm, but not hot. The first week the temperature of the mixture should be 38-39 degrees, with 8 day – 30-32 degrees. Prepared for feeding the composition cannot be stored more than 1 day, otherwise it will deteriorate. All pipettes, syringes, bottles and nipples every day you need to wash and boil.
As part of feed the kitty? The first 2 days of a newborn needs to feed every 2 hours including night. The next 2 days every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night. After 5 day feeding is every 4 hours. When the kitten turns 3 weeks, you can feed him less during the day and stop feeding in the night. With about three weeks of age they begin to feed other foods: low fat cottage cheese, meat baby food, passed through a meat grinder meat.
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Beginning with months of age the kittens are taught to eat from the bowl. For this spread kitten milk mouth and then show him a bowl. He wants to have, and learn to lap from it.
The main indicator of whether you feed the kitten, will be how quickly he gains weight. Healthy kittensand recover approximately 100 g per week (may be slightly less or more). Newborn weighs approximately 100 g. If you notice that your little pet is not improving and little growing, then he's either ill or he lacks power.