Want to play!

почему урчат кошки

Just like people, animals have their own character. It is possible that you got a very talkative animal, which often need to communicate with many hosts. Perhaps he just lacks attention and affection – take a cat on hands, stroke him, play with him, most likely, after, the animal will calm down and go about their business. If you have no time, give the cat a little ball, artificial arm, so he could be distracted.

The presence of food in the bowl is not a guarantee that the animal is sated. Check whether spoiled food, whether it is necessary to pour fresh water. Maybe your cat just wants something else or the portion seemed too small. Most cats do make noise, requiring a seductive piece from the table of the owners, especially if previously they were able to achieve Goodies by screaming. Do not accustom the animal to the handouts from the master's table – it is better to show the cat that you are not going to succumb to provocations.
If the cat is not neutered, possible cause of the screams – the beginning of the period of sexual activity. The cat may persistently beg on the street, scratching doors and furniture.

If the cat has recently eaten, he may need the toilet, and the tray is not clean enough or the way to him is blocked – in this case will be enough to open the pet door or clean out the tray below the screaming stopped.

Cats are often conservative, any changes to surprise and scare them. Maybe your pet is unhappy with the appearance in the house of a new piece of furniture, the arrival of guests or unusual noise – in this case, the easiest way is not to pay attention, soon the cat will get used to it and calm down.

How's your health?

кошки мурлыкают

If a well-fed cat has free access to the tray, does not need to communicate with you or with the opposite sex, but nevertheless continues desperately to scream – most likely, the animal is trying to tell you what feels bad. Try to take a cat on hands, gently touch his belly – if your pet problems with digestion, the touch will him unpleasant, as he quickly let me know. Of ill health may indicate an unusually dull coat, watery eyes, nasal discharge, lethargy. The best solution would be treatment in a veterinary clinic.

Check up, whether stuck in the mouth or in the throat of the animal a piece of food or fish bone – in this case, voices may be hoarse or strangled. If you quickly remove the foreign body is not possible, immediately show the cat to a vet until the sharp edges don't hurt or poke the sky or the esophagus of the animal.
Crying while eating is possible if the cat hurts to chew or swallow – for example, because of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

We should not punish the cat, even if the screams cannot be explained by illness or other reason and they are very annoying to get the cat to shut up, splash water on him. Several times caught in an unexpected shower, the cat will firmly associate unpleasant feelings with wanton cries and stop aggressively to attract attention to himself unless absolutely necessary.