You will need
  • - computer
  • - drivers for video and audio Board
Hardware acceleration at the moment requires a lot of applications that work with video and sound. If acceleration is not set, the system can receive the failures, as to the processor imposed great challenges.

The function is increasing or decreasing hardware acceleration becomes available only after installing the device drivers. The necessary drivers are included with the device (CD-ROM). If you have these discs were not available, then the drivers can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of your hardware.

You will also need to install Direct X, which is freely distributed in the network. It is worth noting that almost every game drive includes Direct X.
How to enable hardware acceleration
For setting the hardware acceleration setting of the graphics card right-click mouse on desktop - Properties - click "Advanced" - tab the "Diagnostics" tab the "Hardware acceleration". On the tab "Hardware acceleration" you need to change 2 parameters: "Hardware acceleration" and "Enable write combining". Both options must be activated, and the "Hardware acceleration" should be set at maximum, to the value "Full".
How to enable hardware acceleration
For setting the value of the hardware acceleration of the sound card click start menu on your desktop - Run - type "Dxdiag". You'll get a window "DirectX diagnostic Tool". Go to the tab "Sound", in this tab change the setting "hardware sound acceleration Level", set it to the max.
How to enable hardware acceleration