Causes of blackheads

In cosmetology black spots are called blackheads. Black dots are clogged sebaceous glands with a mixture of excess of the allocated sebum, dust, dirt. When it opens, the pimples turn black due to reaction with oxygen. Most often black spots appear in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).

The main reasons for the appearance of comedones include: failure of the gastrointestinal tract causes: improper diet (excessive consumption of sweets, flour, fatty, smoked, alcohol); applying a mismatched or poor quality cosmetics; hormonal failure (as is well known, for example, that the excessive the body's production of testosterone leading to acne and comedones); psychological stress on the body-stress; environmental pollution (dust, dirt, humidity).

Why not push the black dots

Many to eliminate the blackheads, try to squeeze them. Specialists strictly forbid to do it. What are the causes?

When squeezed the black dot from one pore, the neighboring pore into the deep into the skin. And pressed they, along with all the bacteria, dust and dirt on the surface of the skin at this point, accordingly, become inflamed and transformed from a small point in a big spot. Thus, the eels, which were formed as a result of improper care, can stay long.

When squeezing can cause infection if it gets into the blood, instantly spread throughout the body and primarily the brain. In addition, even when squeezing a clean sterile needle there is a risk of it in the facial nerve, which may distort the entire face.

After extrusion of the comedones may form a boil that you can end up in the hospital. And regular skin damage can lead to the formation of scars which will be difficult to disguise.

It is known that the body tends to increase the resistance in response to an active operation, that is, when squeezing blackheads sebum production increases and pores get clogged.

To eliminate all the black dots are encouraged to seek help from a specialist. In modern cosmetology using various safe methods for getting rid of blackheads. At home you can do a variety of masks and try to eliminate the reason for the appearance of comedones.