Advice 1: How to install maps on Navigator

Map updates Navigator usually occurs in the mode of connecting the device to the Internet. The same applies to the navigation devices of the manufacturer Pioneer. Pay attention to the amount of data downloaded, it is possible that you will need an Internet connection with an unlimited data plan.
How to install maps on Navigator
You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Connect to the Internet. Install on your PC the software provided when buying a Navigator in the composition of the set. In case you lack the required tools, download it from official manufacturer's website in the section "Navigation device" in the first menu item "Products".
Select the model of your device, at the end of the enumeration list technical characteristics, select the Advanced link. Boot the software on your computer.
Pair the devices using the bundled cable. Run the map update in the program menu, please note that the download of some cards may be required to pay for their online mode, so prepare your Bank card or take advantage of other available means of payment.
After the update the maps in your Navigator, restart it, and view the downloaded items. If you for some reason have problems with their use, consult the seller or manufacturer, make sure that the maps have been entirely.
Also make sure you have the required space in memory to install additional cards in addition to the existing ones. If you have any problems with the registration of a commercial product, it is possible that you are using fake navigation device. In this case, you should return it to the point of sale.
Also, if you are too lazy to reinstall the software, you can use alternative means to download updates for your device that supports more convenient for you mode update and download maps.
This sequence is relevant only for owners of licensed devices Pioneer.

Advice 2: How to download maps into the GPS

In various GPS navigators that have different programs that only work with certain cards. Also, in Pathfinder there is a base set of these cards, but sometimes the right cards is not available or simply obsolete. In this case, you need to download new maps. For this you can buy the license cards or download them online.
How to download maps into the GPS
Installation of official maps on the GPS.
With the installation of the official cards should not have any problems. Detailed description of the procedure is presented on the official pages of developers: Garmin, Navitel and AVTOSPUTNIK.
Install unofficial maps Garmin.
To get started, download Garmin maps based on OpenStreetMap. You can install them using the program MapSource. The program can be downloaded on the official website
Connect your device to your computer.
Download the maps, save them in separate folders. Next, run each card Install. In the computer's registry will do necessary info.
Now run MapSource.
In the program menu, click: "tools > Manage map products." In the upper left corner will appear the list of available maps (1). Select one of the cards in this menu. Use the button (4) click on the map (3) and it will appear in the window (2). Do this with other cards.
To send maps to your device, press the button (5). The selected card will be transferred to Navigator Garmin.
Install unofficial maps Navitel.
To get started, download Navitel maps based on OpenStreetMap.
Connect your device to your computer.
Open the Navigator using the computer, create a separate folder for maps, name it UserMaps. The rest of the folders do not touch.
In this create a folder under the card you want to add to the Navigator, such as Region.
Save the necessary map files to the folder Region.
The program Navitel Navigator, select the menu item "Open Atlas". Next, click on the icon of a folder – create a new Atlas.
In the window that appears, locate the folder Region, select "Create Atlas".
After loading the map, click the checkmark.
Can now use a new card by selecting the appropriate Atlas.
Installing Navigator on informal cards, you do so at your own risk.
Useful advice
Before installing the card, make a backup copy of the data from the Navigator.
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