You will need
  • - polished Cabinet;
  • self - adhesive film;
  • roulette;
  • - scissors;
  • floral spray;
  • felt spatula or soft cloth.
Use the self-adhesive foil for decorative finishing of the Cabinet. This method is the most "pure". You do not need time-consuming process for the removal of the old coating. Film will form on the smooth polished wood.
Remove dimensions from the surfaces of the Cabinet, which will be updated. Purchase the self-adhesive matching colour and texture. Pay attention to the width of the film to avoid extra seams on the visible surfaces.
Unscrew from the Cabinet, handles and locks. Remove the trim strips, if any.
Carefully inspect polished surface. If it is deep and wide scratches, gouges, fill them with putty for wood. Beforehand where you want to locate these places and primed. After drying putty again, sand the bumps.
Allocate the required size for the lined reverse side of the adhesive. You can upgrade the entire surface of the Cabinet, only the door or make of the film imitation of decorative inserts. For this purpose, it will be interesting to look film with a pattern for weaving or skin.
Type water in the flower spray and add a little dishwashing detergent or liquid soap to make a slightly soapy solution.
Spray soapy water on the polished surface of the wardrobe where you will stick the self-adhesive foil.
Peel off the adhesive from the base from one side to the 5-10 cm Paper fold, and the sticky side of the tape attach to the wetted surface of the Cabinet. Pick up a felt trowel or a soft cloth. Carefully smoothing from the middle to the edges, expelled from under the film water drops and air.
If you did not care, immediately leveled, separating the nearest edge of the film. Accidentally, the resulting air bubble, pierce it with a needle, then push it place cloth.
Pick new Cabinet knobs and decorative moulding. You can frame the door frames wood or polyurethane mouldings or fillets.