You will need
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - a soft cloth;
  • - linen napkins;
  • - gasoline;
  • - means for polishing of furniture;
  • - toothpaste;
  • - white spirit;
  • - denatured alcohol;
  • - alcohol;
  • - turpentine;
  • wax;
  • - potash;
  • - linseed oil.
In the case when, in order to recover the polishing furniture is not required to completely remove the old finish and apply a new, try to fix surface defects on your own. In the first stage, well, clean the surface with a soft cloth soaked in gasoline. Be sure to use rubber gloves. Wipe the surface several times, each time change the cloth for a new one. Log out and leave the furniture to dry in a well ventilated area.
To refresh the polishing and to remove formed on the surface of small "hairline" cracks can be diluted turpentine, wax, and potash. In a small amount of hot water, dissolve the potash and 10 parts of the wax, bring the mixture to boil until it forms on the surface of soap foam. Then remove the mixture from the heat and cool it, add 20 parts of turpentine, stir and use as polishes. If necessary, you can add aniline dye to the color of the furniture.
Carefully inspect the defects. To remove small scratches, use high-quality means furniture Polish based on beeswax and turpentine. They can also be eliminated and ordinary toothpaste. Apply it first for 10-15 minutes on a polished surface then a soft linen cloth, wipe the damaged area to remove traces of toothpaste.
The restorers to restore the polishing using a mixture consisting of equal parts of white spirit, methylated spirit and linseed oil. Stir it well before use, then apply on a cloth and circular motions massage into the surface.
Large surface polishing can be masked, the Bay is the same compound that was used as a coating. This is usually varnish, polyurethane varnish or one of its varieties - shellac. To determine the composition, which deposited on the surface of furniture, drop in an inconspicuous area with rubbing alcohol. If it is shellac, it will absorb the alcohol, if the paint is formed on the surface of the bubble, polyurethane, and varnish are not sensitive to the effects of alcohol. Apply the desired composition and when it has hardened, Polish the piece.