You will need
  • roulette
  • - scissors
  • - wooden slats
  • - acrylic paint
  • Polish
  • - fabric
  • - furniture stapler
  • - pieces of Wallpaper
  • glue
  • - sander or sandpaper
  • - adhesive tape
Soft furnishings can be updated with slipcovers and bedspreads. To do this, you must have the skills to reveal and sewing machine. Look online or in magazines of beautiful styles of covers for upholstered furniture, cutting fabric the size of your furniture and sew new clothes.
If you own furnitureNYM stapler, the furniture can be re-covered. Pull out all the soft cushions of furniture, sew new zipper pouches. These bags are convenient then to remove and wash. Armrests and backrest in upholstered furniture obtyanite cloth, securing it with a stapler to wooden furniturebasis. If need be, under the fabric, first lay in a layer of new foam.
To update an old wardrobe, a chest of drawers or Cabinet in several ways.
Paint the furniture. This furniture oshkurte sandpaper or sanding machine. Seal filler for wood all cracked and chipped. Allow the putty to dry and sand again. Coat the furniture with primer and then paint with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint has almost no odor, so the furniture can be painted directly in the room without fear of poisoning.
Decorating furniture with beautiful Wallpapers. Wallpaper can be papered door of the enclosure or Cabinet as a whole or cut out of Wallpaper fragments. Along the perimeter of the doors to make a frame of wooden slats, which are pre-paint or cover with paint. Also the frame can be made of ribbon or thick cord.
Glue smooth door furniture self adhesive film. The surface of the furniture pre-moisten with water, and then put on her wrap, lifting it from the paper backing. Moisture on furniture will increase the slide film that will give you the opportunity to glue the tape is smooth, without bubbles.
Drape the doors and the side surface of the enclosure or Cabinet faux short-haired fur or other textured cloth. Put fur or fabric on a double-sided tape. Fasten the perimeter strips. Fur or fabric can be vacuumed, so this cozy furniture can live even in the bedroom.