Advice 1: How to update old furniture

One day, looking down at his overexposed furniture, you want to make changes in their environment. Immediately consider the colors and materials that you will use. Measure tape measure furniturethat will be updated. View your stocks and go shopping.
How to update old furniture
You will need
  • roulette
  • - scissors
  • - wooden slats
  • - acrylic paint
  • Polish
  • - fabric
  • - furniture stapler
  • - pieces of Wallpaper
  • glue
  • - sander or sandpaper
  • - adhesive tape
Soft furnishings can be updated with slipcovers and bedspreads. To do this, you must have the skills to reveal and sewing machine. Look online or in magazines of beautiful styles of covers for upholstered furniture, cutting fabric the size of your furniture and sew new clothes.
If you own furnitureNYM stapler, the furniture can be re-covered. Pull out all the soft cushions of furniture, sew new zipper pouches. These bags are convenient then to remove and wash. Armrests and backrest in upholstered furniture obtyanite cloth, securing it with a stapler to wooden furniturebasis. If need be, under the fabric, first lay in a layer of new foam.
To update an old wardrobe, a chest of drawers or Cabinet in several ways.
Paint the furniture. This furniture oshkurte sandpaper or sanding machine. Seal filler for wood all cracked and chipped. Allow the putty to dry and sand again. Coat the furniture with primer and then paint with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint has almost no odor, so the furniture can be painted directly in the room without fear of poisoning.
Decorating furniture with beautiful Wallpapers. Wallpaper can be papered door of the enclosure or Cabinet as a whole or cut out of Wallpaper fragments. Along the perimeter of the doors to make a frame of wooden slats, which are pre-paint or cover with paint. Also the frame can be made of ribbon or thick cord.
Glue smooth door furniture self adhesive film. The surface of the furniture pre-moisten with water, and then put on her wrap, lifting it from the paper backing. Moisture on furniture will increase the slide film that will give you the opportunity to glue the tape is smooth, without bubbles.
Drape the doors and the side surface of the enclosure or Cabinet faux short-haired fur or other textured cloth. Put fur or fabric on a double-sided tape. Fasten the perimeter strips. Fur or fabric can be vacuumed, so this cozy furniture can live even in the bedroom.
If you want to save beautiful wooden texture of the furniture, cover the surface with stain, and then cover with a protective varnish.
Useful advice
Furniture can paint. If you can't draw, then use templates. The surface of the furniture can be decorated with decoupage. It's easy to do, even a novice craftsman. Information about decoupage in the Internet a lot, with detailed training workshops.

Advice 2 : How to make new furniture from old

All homes have old furniturethat has worn. What does one do with it? Thrown in a landfill or taken to the country, thereby adding a lot of unnecessary stuff that nobody never will use. However, it is not necessary to do hasty actions. You can do your hands give this old furniture a second life. What it will be - only you can decide.
Ready sofa
You will need
  • upholstery material, hammer, clove with big heads, tracing paper, pencils, eraser, scissors, glue, staples, heat gun, sandpaper
Before the transformation of old furniture need to understand how global changes. For example, just to make new lining, but you can completely redo this or another piece of furniture. With a shell, everything is easy and simple. The fabric you choose on your taste. It should not be very thin to not quickly break. Before buying a material estimate approximately how much you will need. To buy best stock. The inventory will be useful in case if you spoil any part of the material.
Fabric samples for upholstery
Carefully remove the old upholstery. Do it carefully and gently. The old padding can be attached to studs. If it is connected with glue, it is best surface to heat the building Hairdryer. Removing the old upholstery, check the furniture for the presence of rotten parts. If there are, then they need to be cleaned or replaced.
Old sofa
To make precise measurements, to have an idea on how to cut fabric. Write down everything on paper and calculate, checking several times. Please note that the material should be more than enough for a few inches. Then make the pattern. To do this, use tracing paper. The pattern does not dispose of, because she may be useful to you. The pattern mark the contours of the parts on the material. Cut out the details.
Example patterns
Take a foam thickness of 3-4 cm. Of it make details, which will be located between the fabric and detail of the furniture. Now try to try the foam and material. If all is good, then you can begin to build. Select mounting method. You can use small nails with big heads. Also suitable bracket. Once you fully attach the padding - check the accuracy of the work performed. No stud or clip should not stick them with the pointy end out.
Your new furniture is almost ready. If desired, you can decorate the cover with beads, fringe or embroidery. It all depends on your imagination
Carefully check all measurements to make sure.
Useful advice
If you are new to kraanium material, ask for help those who have such experience

Advice 3 : How to update old kitchen furniture

Not seldom it happens that the condition of the kitchen furniture is still perfect, but her appearance I want to update and make more modern. You do not need the expenditure of considerable resources and expertise. Refresh old kitchen furniture you can own.
How to update old kitchen furniture
You will need
  • water;
  • - soda ash;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - automotive enamel;
  • - standard drill;
  • - doors and front panels for drawers;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - drill;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - countertop;
  • - the range;
  • - saw;
  • jig - saw;
  • clamp with screw.
Start the renovation with the replacement of the doors and front walls of the cabinets. To buy the necessary elements of the facade draw a diagram of the furnituretion of cabinets, number, dimension, count the number of parts and make a list. Once all necessary parts are purchased, remove the old door from the hinges. On the inside of the new doors make marks to position the hinges as a template, use the same door. Drill holes in places in the markup, paste the recessed hinges. Hang the door fixing the hinges one by one, starting from the top. To replace the facade, make marks on the new wall by inserting an awl in the hole for the screw. Drill a nest, hang a new wall. Reinstall the drawers. For the ends of veneer use veneer. Glue it with PVA glue and iron the top edge of the iron. The extra edge veneer clean with emery paper.
To paint updated doors and front wall wash surface with a solution of soda ash, wipe it. Paint all the necessary elements with automotive enamel. Painting start with grooves and end edges. You can also use decorative stencils to give the kitchen a unique look with original carved accessories.
The final step in updating an old kitchen is to replace the countertops. Remove old countertops, the sink, disconnect it from the cabinets using a screwdriver, remove the old sealant. Put on a new countertop layout of the upcoming cut-outs under the sink. Drill a large hole and insert a jig saw, then cut out. A vise with the screw clamp the tabletop and a ruler, adjust the top length with the saw. Secure the countertop in the same place and fill the joints with sealant.
When fitting worktops in length do not use a circular saw, it can damage the edges of the veneer.
Useful advice
To change the appearance of the facade you can use a special film, it is easy to use and you can update it whenever you want.
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