How to help

You can help the people financially. For example, to collect the necessary amount of money for the operation. Or to organize a kind of Fund of assistance to place a call out on social networks to caring people responded and donated for those in need of money or things. In public areas you can install special boxes for donations, and to open a Bank account. In addition to money, is to collect warm clothes and shoes, textbooks, other necessary things, food.

Become a donor. You can regularly donate blood, modern medicine is practicing transplant eggs, bone marrow, liver. Such a donation will not harm your health, but will help save the lives of needy people.

In addition, the aid is moral. Pay attention to the children from children's homes, kids in hospitals suffering from serious diseases. Play with them, arrange a small theatrical performance together with the children, help to learn to play a musical instrument, or make some stuff. Support of lonely elderly in nursing homes or living in your neighborhood. Help them to clean the house, cook dinner, go out for a meal. Discuss with them the latest news or their favorite show. Such assistance is sometimes much more necessary than material.

When help is not good

There is a proverb: "do Not let hungry fish. Give him a fishing rod, let alone catch." In fact, not always of material assistance to the needy is good. For example, if you regularly sponsor money and clothing a large family where mom and dad don't work, eventually they'll get used to it that they all bring compassionate people. Such a family to help in another way. If you have the opportunity, arrange children's father a job, even if providing for his family himself. And mothers tell me how you can earn money sitting at home with my kids. If for this she will need to learn any courses, offer to watch her children while she is in the classroom.

It is not necessary to give alms and begging in the markets or at temples. First, most of them still spend your money on alcohol. And secondly, some of these beggars are "working" for someone, by all means they give the so-called "master". Sorry is only the elderly that actually go out with an outstretched hand from want. They can provide the following assistance. Instead of coins, let them, for example, a bucket of sunflower seeds and explain that they can sell, at a fraction of the amount earned to take more goods, and the remaining to use at your discretion.

To help the needy is a good thing. The main thing that this help is provided on time and people who really need it.