Refer to wealthy people offer to help you. Special attention should be paid to the owners of big business. Many entrepreneurs do and by all means support organisations that need their help. Today, many of them already have their own funds and attached children's homes, museums, etc., However the chance of finding a patron is always.
Collect and organize all the information that is available about your organization. Usually, patrons are sponsoring research and development, arts, sports, and institutions associated with them. Start searching for all the information on the activities of your organization. The fuller and brighter the highlight information, the higher the probability that your proposal will be of interest to influential people.
Consider the form of providing information. It is better to create a few options of packages. One of them must be universal, which would include a history of the development of the organization, its contribution to the development of science or culture, the justification for assistance. Additional packages can be developed when you know exactly with whom to be negotiated.
Talk to the man who could become a philanthropist. Try to determine his gestures, behavior, rate of speech, what kind of psycho he is, and how to better communicate with him. For example, if you meet an active person who pretty quickly said, jumping from one topic to another, it is better to focus on the emotional side of negotiations. Tell a potential patron about the projects that will be implemented with the assistance of the guide tour organization, try to make it so that he became your problem.
Be friendly, logical and rigid in their views, if you are calm, confident people do not show any emotions. It is best to go to the negotiations with the patron in advance by preparing the Treaty, the signing of which will mark the beginning of your cooperation.