You will need
  • Stain remover and spray for membrane fabrics.
Working with Gore-tex should be carefully because the tissue structure loses its properties in case of improper application of cleaning products. To restore you only need a clean cloth, so that dirt is not clogged in the pores of the membrane. Use the tools bought in specialized stores, sports and tourist equipment.
Clean the tissue from external contaminants with a soft brush. If the clothes are heavily soiled, you need to add bleach in the dispenser for powder. If you have purchased a spray stain remover spray it on stains before you load clothes. Put the clothes in the washing machine, pour in the dispenser for powder in the proportions indicated on the back of the bottle. Set the mode to "impregnation". If this mode is not available, make the temperature not more than 30-35 degrees and spin up to 600 rpm. If such functions in your washing machine is no need to wash by hand to avoid damaging the fabric.
After washing, remove the clothes and leave it to drain and dry, pre-straightened to avoid kinks in the fabric.
After complete drying of the fabric, evenly spray on her impregnation. Depending on manufacturer you may need to apply several layers. This will preserve the main properties of Gore-Tex material. This step is the most important in the restoration, so carefully apply where the tissue has become less elastic or have lost the texture.