Disconnect the accumulator from the system by unscrewing the nut and removing the hose. Bleed the gas pressure in the air chamber, after the air through the nipple. Unscrewing the bolts, remove the flange of the membrane, located in the region of the tube to presedintie.
Holder membrane by unscrewing the nut located in the upper part of the housing of the accumulator. Remove the membrane through the hole in the bottom of the hull. Remove inner housing surface traces of dirt and corrosion, clean with water and dry to make the installation of the new membrane.
Insert the membrane holder into the hole located in its upper part. Screwing the bolt into the holder and inserting the membrane into the housing, enter the holder into the hole located in the bottom of the case. Nut lock holder and refit the flange to the membrane on its body. After the installation of preliminary air pressure, check the accumulator for leaks and connect it to the system.
Check the diaphragm and its flange on the integrity, faced with a situation where SAV is running, but not supplying water. Bonding of the membrane at the break is only a temporary measure, are not able to significantly increase its service life. Another cause of a failure, the CAB may be a loose connection between the flange fitting and the housing of the accumulator.If the station was operated without water, the membrane is, most likely, were pressed by pressure to the flange and has become an obstacle to the flow of water in the suction line of SAV. In this case, you must remove and spread the membrane, and then set it in place, after checking for integrity.