Burnout tracks was a clear indication that it was leaking unacceptably high current. So first of all care should be taken to clarify and resolve basic faults. Only then can you go to recovery traces.
I have to say that in the reconstruction of pristine factory form conductive paths is generally not necessary, so we will focus on how to establish normal operation of the device. The solution here is obvious – burnt areas of printed conductors it is necessary to duplicate the wires of the matching section.
Before starting work, carefully examine the location of a burnt-out tracks and, if necessary, refer to the schematic diagram of the device. Remnants of the tracks remove the sharpened knife, razor blade or other suitable tool. Burnt place the Board gently clean, in any case, do not leave charred sections.
Go directly to recovery. Prepare a suitable insulated wire of the desired cross section - it should be comparable to the cross section of the burnt track. The wire preferably take a solid, not stranded - in this case, the installation will be more accurate. Rate how long should be the wire. Solder it as to the conclusions of parts that connect the burned Windows Explorer, and the surviving sections of this guide. In the latter case, the edge of the track onto a carefully cleaned knife, then soldered with rosin. Exactly the same type saludito the edges of the wire.
Restoring the track, gently bend the wire as needed. The accuracy and thoroughness of the installation is the key to successful repair and the subsequent reliability of the device. It is unacceptable that the wires hang out, soldering is done somehow, next to the soldering visible droplets frozen in different areas of the solder. Dirty, ugly, sloppy work leads to the fact that the device refuses to work or becomes unstable.
Restoring the guides again carefully check the installation for errors. With a magnifying glass, check close to the place of repair of tracks – they could get a big drop of solder and cause a short. In "questionable" areas protsarapat the space between the tracks with a needle or tip of a sharp knife. If everything is in order, collect the device and safely operate it should work.