You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Turn on your laptop and wait for the operating system. Turn on the internal Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, press Fn and F8 (F12). If after performing this action the adapter has been disconnected, try another way.
Press Win to open the menu "start". Just right click on "Computer" (Windows Seven). Select "Properties". Go to device Manager, selecting the appropriate item in the left of the work window.
Expand submenu the "Network adapters" and right click the mouse on the name of the desired Wi-Fi module. Select "Enable". Write down the model of the wireless adapter.
Visit the website Fill in the table. Specify the model of your mobile computer. Select the operating system which is installed at the moment. Download drivers for Wi-Fi module.
Open device Manager and go to properties built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Select the tab "Drivers" and click "Update". Specify the path to the downloaded archive. Restart the laptop after installing the drivers for Wi-Fi module.
Wait for loading the operating system and open the control center network and sharing. Go to "Manage wireless networks". Click "Add" and select the type of network you want to connect to.
Complete the table that appears. Be sure to correctly specify all parameters, otherwise the laptop will not be able to connect to the selected wireless access point. Check the box next to "Save settings" and click "Next". Wait for the installation connection with the access point. Check network connectivity by opening a local resource or web page.