Set the access point menu of your router. Specify the name by which you will be able to determine it through other devices. Enter the security code of the network that will not allow other users to connect to your Internet. Make other settings according to the user manual of the router.
To connect to the wireless Internet in your laptop must be installed Wi-Fi module. Activate it. At the same time on the laptop will light up provided for by the design of the diode that signals the inclusion of Wi-Fi module.
Go to the laptop in network connections, and network management. Search for available connections. If you installed Windows Vista on a laptop, you can make it easier by going through "start menu" in the submenu "Connection". In the opened window choose display wireless networks. Below you will see the available network connection.
Among the displayed networks, find the name of your access point that you entered in your router settings. To connect the laptop to the wireless Internet, select this network and click "Connect". The computer will prompt you to enter the code you were asked simultaneously with the access point in your router settings. Entering the code, you will be able to use wireless Internet with laptop.
Go to the settings established wireless connection, you can choose various connection options, such as automatic links while in the coverage area of the wireless network, which can be very convenient, because it does not require continuous manual connection after laptop boot.