You will need
  • Wi-Fi router
  • network cable (usually supplied included with the router).
Purchase a Wi-Fi router. It is not necessary to configure the wireless network, but this method is the easiest and most convenient. Select the router based on the capabilities of your laptop and the desired zone of signal propagation.
How to set up wireless <strong>network</strong> <b>laptop</b>
Connect the laptop to the router using a network LAN cable by plugging it into any free slot except the main. In the browser address bar enter // You will see the settings of the router. Set the password to access the router settings. Enter the connection settings to the Internet based on the requirements of your ISP.
How to set up wireless <strong>network</strong> <b>laptop</b>
Open the wireless settings Wi-Fi router. Specify the desired options for data transfer and encryption. It is best to use the network 802.11 n with encryption WAP-PSK or WPA2-PSK. This network supports high speed data transmission at a great distance, and encryption is considered the most reliable. Be sure to enter a complex password consisting of Latin letters and digits.
Restart the router, unplug the power for 20 seconds. Go to search for wireless networks on your laptop, select the networkyou just created and then connect to it by entering the password.
How to set up wireless <strong>network</strong> <b>laptop</b>