You will need
  • - netbook;
  • router
First you need to decide the structure of future network. If you plan to use the netbook without reference to a specific location in the apartment, it makes sense to organize a wireless network Wi-Fi. There will be no need to run another power cord, but will need additional investment to buy a wireless router.
If the cost doesn't put you off, and you have purchased a router, then the next step is configuring it. To do this, connect the router to computer by network cable. On the router to connect use one of the ports marked LAN marked. Cable provider Internetand connect to the WAN port.
In the browser address bar enter the network address custom router. Address, username and password required for login specified on the label of router.
In the opened window, enter the username and password. Opens the configuration window of the router. Modern models are very different interfaces, but simple and easy to set up. After that please run "setup Wizard" and carefully follow all of the proposed actions. Be sure to write down the Wep encryption key that you will create during the configuration process, and the name of your network.
Turn Wi-Fi on the netbook and click on the wireless network icon in the system tray. A window opens that lists all available networks. Select your double click. You will be prompted to enter the key. Enter the key you created when you setup the router, and click Connect.
In the left window click on "Change order of preferred networks". In the bottom of the window, select your network name and click Properties. Check the box the value "Connect even if network is not broadcasting". Now the netbook each time you switch will connect to the Internetthrough your local network.