You will need
  • - passport of the donor;
  • - birth certificate of the donee of the child;
  • a computer and a printer;
  • - fountain pen.
Title the document "deed of gift".
In the introductory part specify both parties involved in the contract: surname, name and patronymic, passport details and registration address. Standard wording: "so-and-So, passport number residing at (address registration), hereinafter referred to as the Donor, on the one hand and so-and-so, the birth certificate, residing at, hereinafter referred to as the Receiver, on the other hand, together hereinafter referred to as Parties, have concluded the contract as follows".
It is helpful to include this part of the document data of the certificate of state registration of ownership of the apartment on the basis of which the donor ("acting on the basis of certificate of state registration of property rights (series, number, date of issue and issuing authority").
Title the next section "subject of the contract".
Along with a description of the nature of the transaction (one party gives the rent, and the other accepts it as a gift) include in this section the description of the apartment in strict accordance with constitutive documents (the registration certificate of ownership, certificate of BTI): the address, including street, house number, in the presence of the body, rooms of the apartment, number of rooms, number of floors in the house, inventory rooms, and a shared living space, the location of the apartment.
Enable the following section of the Concluding provisions to specify the time the Treaty enters into force since the signing, or specific dates.
Title the final section "the Signature and details of the parties". For each side use the wording "For and on behalf of the Donor," "For and on behalf of the donee". Include the passport data of the donor and the legal representative of a minor.
Please print the agreement and secure the signatures of the parties. Notarization of this document is not required, but if desired, you can use this service. In this case, sign a contract only in the presence of a notary.