You will need
  • receipt of payment of state duty for registration of property rights on the object of the gift;
  • the application receiving the object of the gift on the registration of property rights;
  • a statement by the donor on the transfer of ownership;
  • passports of both parties;
  • cadastral passport to the apartment;
  • the deed of gift;
  • the document on the spousal consent to donation, if the apartment was decorated in the common property;
  • the document on the property right of the donor to the apartment;
  • paper about the inventory assessment of the apartment of BTI.
The document of gift may be made in a free form from any lawyer or notary on the proposed form. There's also the deed of gift will not only duly certified, but the second copy will remain in storage. In case of loss of this important document, you will be able to obtain a notary a second instance. In addition, the notary will help to properly prepare a paper, to avoid contesting of your will.
After the contract of donation will be compiled, it must be registered in Federal registration service (FRS). Here in this organization and must submit all the above documents. To obtain a certificate of registration of ownership of the apartment, you will need to pay the state duty and two statements giving and receiving apartment on registration of changes in their status of the owners.
Then get in the BTI certificate balance of the apartment cost and an extract from the register of ownership rights. The housing office must obtain a document indicating the number of registered residents in the transferred apartment. In addition, to execute the deed on an apartment, you need to obtain a notarized consent of the other owners (for example, if the apartment was decorated in the property of the spouses or relatives). If one of the parties to the transaction, has not reached the age of majority, you must also attach the consent of the official guardian.
In that case, if the contract of donation is made to share the apartment, the agreement must be signed by all owners. It is not necessary only when a donation is made to one of the owners of the shares (one of the owners renounce its shares in favour of another).
Let's talk about money. To execute the deed on an apartment, you need to pay stamp duty — the cost is determined by the price of housing under consideration. To pay for the registration of ownership is not very difficult, the amount is one thousand rubles.
The most exciting moment can be a payment of tax for transmitted to apartment. Because he is 13% of the cost of housing. He is charged in that case, if the donation contract is made between strangers or distant relatives (cousins, kinship, aunts-uncles and nephews). If you write the deed on the apartment you want close relatives (parents-children, siblings, grandparents), the tax to pay.