You will need
  • receipt about payment of state duty for state registration of the contract of donation;
  • - if you need notarization, then a notary;
  • - documents about the identity of the identity of the parties to the contract of donation;
  • - the donation contract;
  • - cadastral plan of the apartment, which you can get at the BTI;
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership of the Donor;
  • - the consent of all interested people;
  • help inventory assessment (issued in BTI).
Not difficult to guess, the term "Gift" comes from the word "give" or "gift". The so-called process of donation or gratuitous transfer of possession of any property or estate. In this case, between the Donor and the Donee make a donation contract, which then must officially register.
Donation is considered the most simple ways to pass to close relatives (prospective heirs) a flat, house, car. Of course you can place it on any desired face. But in the case when as a receiver are distant relatives or even strangers, don't forget that they will have to pay a gift tax at the rate of 13% of the value of the donation.In this case, registration of the deed of gift to son is perfect the transfer of the rights of ownership to continue, he did not have when joining the inheritance to pay state tax.
Make a donation - not a very complicated process, but it would be better to seek the advice of a notary. It will help you to correctly and most accurately draw up a contract of donation and also to avoid possible problems. Under the problems refers to the other contenders to the object of the gift, claim that you can almost completely eliminate with proper design of the contract, as well as directly referring to the list of persons the claims of which the giver rejects and considers null and void.
The donor must provide the following documents for the state registration of the deed of gift: certificate of state registration of the rights to be giving the object IDs of all participants of process, the donation contract, cadastral plan, the written consent of the relatives or other persons, the documents of title to the property, the inventory value of gift certificate from utilities on the number registered in the placement of persons, the payment receipt of state duty (1,000 rubles).
Full package of documents should be submitted to the Federal registration service (FRS). The term of consideration of documents short-lived, as a rule, the process takes no longer than one week.