You will need
  • passport, and your grandson (or his birth certificate if he is a minor);
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - title documents to the object of donation (certificate of ownership, etc., for example, data sheets).
Center the top line, enter the title of the document "deed of gift". The line below, indicate in the left corner of the place of conclusion of the contract (at the place of registration of the object that is passed in Dar, for example, Moscow, if the apartment is located the capital or there was a car), and in the right corner the date of the agreement. To move the date in the right corner, use the tabulator, the name of the month, write words, day, and year numbers, day, enclose it in quotation marks.
Specify your surname, name and patronymic, then write "acting under".
Specify in the genitive name of the document confirming your ownership of the property that is the subject of donation, for example, certificate of ownership number, series, date of issue and issuing authority.
Then use the phrase "hereinafter referred to as the Donor".
Then include in the text the word "and", and after him the surname, name and patronymic grandson. If the minor grandchild, then add "person", surname, name and patronymic of his legal representative, and "acting under" and the output of the document: name, series and number, date of issue, issuing authority. Most often it is the birth certificate; if the legal representative of your minor grandchild is Trustee, which can be you - document data, which imposes that the relevant authority (the decision of the guardianship authority or court).
Complete the sentence with the words "hereinafter referred to as the Receiver, together referred to as the Parties".
Title the next section "subject of the contract", specify a description of the action: "the Giver transmits the gift to the Donee".
Write what you pass to gift and complete description of the object in accordance with the documents of title to him. For example, for the apartment's exact address, floor, tower, number of rooms, total living space. For car - make, model, year, VIN, engine capacity and other essential information.
Add a section for details of the parties. The contract of donation is sufficient to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of each of the parties, passport data (number, series, by whom and when issued, subdivision code) or the data of the birth certificate of the minor (number, series, date of issue, issuing authority) and address registration, and your grandson.
Include a section for signatures of the parties. Use it the wording "For and on behalf of the Donor" and "For and on behalf of the Donee".
Sign a contract in your side and ask them to do it grandson or his legal representative.