The package of documents for registration of the apartment for a grandson will depend on the forms of alienation of real estate. So, first of all, you should decide which way will be making the donation, sale and purchase, share allotment or rent. This is, so to speak, the disposition of the "here and now". That is, the property is transferred to the apartment immediately, without any delay.

If we are talking about the will, belonging to the grandfather or grandmother of the apartment will go to her grandson on the basis of the entry of inheritance only after the death of the testator. The documents for each of these cases a little different, so first let's consider the list that are common to all these ways.

Key documents

So, regardless of what form of alienation stopped the parties to the transaction, the required documents should include, first, a document-base, confirming the property right of the disclosing party (in our case grandma and/or grandpa):
- agreement of purchase and sale;
- the donation contract;
the privatization contract;
barter agreement;
- certificate of inheritance:
- the contract of participation, mutual savings or cession (for apartments purchased under construction);
- the decision of the court (if the apartment was transferred to the current owners on the basis of a court decision).
Please note – at the hands of the owners must be one of the above documents, as there is a listing of all possible options.

Secondly, these legal documents must be registered or BTI (in the case of buying an apartment to 31.01.1998), or regional FRS (Federal registration service). It should be borne in mind:
- registration in the BTI is confirmed by the presence of the stamp on one of the above documents;
- registration in the Federal registration service is confirmed by the certificate on the state registration of property rights.
In addition, the parties are required to present a passport certifying the identity of the parties to the transaction.
Now let's review each exclusion separately.

Purchase and sale and donation

The design of the apartment through a deal of sale or through donation, to the basic list of documents are required additionally:
- the consent of a spouse in case of purchase of apartments in the period of lawful marriage;
permission of body of guardianship if co-owners of the apartment is of a minor or incompetent citizen;
- certificate from the passport office about the presence of the registered/discharged residents.

The annuity contract

Design by contract rent will require a title and, possibly, of the following documents:
- the consent of the spouse (if the transfer of rights to an apartment, acquired during registered marriage);
- the permission of the guardianship (in the case of a minor owner);
- certificate from the passport;
help BTI, containing the assessed value of the apartment;
- the cadastral passport of the apartment.

The share allotment and Testament

The package of documents during the allotment of shares in the apartment the same documentary package for the transaction of purchase and sale, plus a possible requirement to provide cadastral passport of the apartment.
In the preparation of wills, you will need to present documents of title to the apartment and a passport certifying the identity of the testator.