Advice 1: How to make an apartment for minors

To decorate the apartment on a minor can be directly when buying living space and to make the deed with already existing properties. Most often prepared a second version of the transfer of ownership to minors. Therefore, we consider the process of making your donation.
How to make an apartment for minors
You will need
  • All the necessary documents
The first step is to collect all the materials. To make an apartment to a minor child will need the following documents:- passport of the donor;
- birth certificate of the child;
cadastral passport to the apartment, issued by the BTI;
- a certificate from the BTI evaluates the apartment;
- certificate of ownership of the apartment;
- extract from the house register;
- extract from the financial account;
- certificate of family composition, living in the apartment;
- consent of spouse or relative who has a joint right to property from a donor;
- certificate, registered transmitted apartment right in the property of a minor, for which you have to pay state duty on registration of ownership and keep the receipt, write a statement of the donor registering the transfer of ownership of the apartment and a statement on behalf of the minor about registration of the property right.
Next, you need to sign a deed of gift for making your donation. The contract can be in writing, but it is best to assure it at the notary to explain the form of the contract, conditions and other information.
You then need to go to the registration service to register granted an apartment. Service surrender all the documents referred to in the first paragraph, and the contract of donation.
Subsequent operation of the real property owned by minors, such as its sale, exchange or lease may be exercised by the legal representatives of the child (parents, guardians) only with the consent of body of guardianship and guardianship. An apartment owned by a minor, can't take in the case of debt living in it adults or lay in obtaining the loan.

Advice 2 : How to renew the apartment for the child

The reissue of the apartment or share living area on the child since January 2006 has been simplified in connection with what was repealed the gift tax for the property. In this regard, it is easier and cheaper to renew an apartment to the child by gift. But, nevertheless, the procedure of re-registration is quite complicated, as it requires a large time investment.
How to renew the apartment for the child
To renew an apartment or share living space for an adult child to begin to collect the necessary documents, namely:
• certificate of ownership on apartment;
• the privatization agreement or contract of sale;
• certificate from TIB on the appraised value of the apartment;
• certificate from the tax inspection, in case renew the apartment had been allocated to the owner by inheritance or donation contract;
• extract from the account;
• certificate of family composition;
• certificate of no debt for utilities.
In that case, if the apartment was previously done remodeling, you need to submit documents from the housing organization, confirming the legality made alterations. If done in apartment redevelopment is not legalized, then the collection of documents more complicated. In this case, you must contact the housing organization to execute accordingly produced in the apartment redevelopment.
Once all the documents will be collected, you must go to the notary for drawing up the contract of donation. When drawing up the contract of donation must be the owner of the apartment and the child, which converted the apartment.
Documents signed in the presence of a notary the deed of gift, is submitted for registration to the Department of the Federal registration service at the place of the renewal of the apartment in order to legalize the right of ownership of the child.
If the apartment is reissued with a minor child, then to the above documents, you must attach a power of attorney from the child to the acceptance of the gift. But since the child is a minor, and he is not entitled to issue a power of attorney for him it can do the close relatives, for example grandmother. Accordingly on the procedure for the renewal of the apartment for a minor child will be the grandmother and to take apartment as a gift from behalf of the child.
In the case when the flat is jointly acquired property of the two spouses, would require the consent of one spouse to the reissue of the apartment or share living space per child.
Useful advice
The procedure for the renewal of the apartment for the child should be addressed in advance, because the registration of property rights can last nine months.

Advice 3 : How to issue apartment in the property of the child

In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation only adult, able-bodied man can perform legally significant actions and to put their signatures to the documents. Defines a minor as a citizen under the age of 18. When buying and decoration of the apartment on the baby all the signatures in the documents of the transaction for it put the parents, guardians, legal representatives or their notarized by the Trustee. To issue apartment in the property of the child immediately upon purchase of housing or by donation.
How to issue apartment in the property of the child
You will need
  • - all documents on the property;
  • - personal documents of all parties to the transaction;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale or donation;
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance;
  • - receipt of payment for registration of property rights.
If you buy an apartment, then the transaction will occur in accordance with all laws and regulations of buying property. The only difference will be that all documents will appear your name as person acting on behalf of a minor. In the certificate of ownership that you get in the Federal Office of the state registration of the centre under article 122 of the Federal law, would mean the owner of your child.
For the transaction, verify from the seller of the real estate ownership certificate, notarized authorization from all the owners, if the property was owned by several persons, an extract from the house register. Also, the seller must obtain an extract from the personal account, copy of cadastral plan and an extract of the cadastral passport of the BTI.
Enclose with the seller of the apartment notary or a written contract of sale where you specify the name of the child, and also that you are acting on behalf of a minor. Create a written act of transfer and acceptance of the apartment and submit all documents to PPRC for registration of property rights on the child.
If you want to make a child to an existing apartment, you must sign a deed of gift. This will require to collect all the documents you already. So you have to take an extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan, to the extract from the house register, extract from the personal account, a notarized authorization of all owners, if the apartment is located on the property rights of several persons and the share of each in kind is not allocated and not issued. If you give your apartment a common child, a notarized authorization from my spouse to take not necessary.
Execute the notarial contract of donation at the notary. This paper can be concluded in simple written form, but only if the donee is an adult person, as to sign a contract with your child that does not have the right to put signatures on legal documents until the age of majority, you can't.
Contact FPRC and register the transaction of gift. After 30 days you will receive a certificate of ownership to the child.
To give the child an apartment can not only the parents, but also any entity, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, strangers. To act on behalf of the child will you.
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