You will need
  • All the necessary documents
The first step is to collect all the materials. To make an apartment to a minor child will need the following documents:- passport of the donor;
- birth certificate of the child;
cadastral passport to the apartment, issued by the BTI;
- a certificate from the BTI evaluates the apartment;
- certificate of ownership of the apartment;
- extract from the house register;
- extract from the financial account;
- certificate of family composition, living in the apartment;
- consent of spouse or relative who has a joint right to property from a donor;
- certificate, registered transmitted apartment right in the property of a minor, for which you have to pay state duty on registration of ownership and keep the receipt, write a statement of the donor registering the transfer of ownership of the apartment and a statement on behalf of the minor about registration of the property right.
Next, you need to sign a deed of gift for making your donation. The contract can be in writing, but it is best to assure it at the notary to explain the form of the contract, conditions and other information.
You then need to go to the registration service to register granted an apartment. Service surrender all the documents referred to in the first paragraph, and the contract of donation.