Advice 1: How to create a multiplication table in excel

To learn the table of multiplication, before the eyes need to have an example where in an understandable and accessible form will be seen every combination of numbers. To create a multiplication table in Excel, you'll be able to print any columns or rows in the table to the optimal size.
How to create a multiplication table in excel
You will need
  • computer;
  • - program Excel.
First do the top row of numbers. To do this, in the second cell of the first row B1 write the number 2. In the next cell C1 add the formula, i.e. write "=B1+1" (without quotes) and press Enter. You will see that the program itself will calculate the value of that cell, and it appears the number 3.
Not to write the formula every time, hover over the lower right corner of cell C1 and hold the left mouse button pressed, drag it to several cells to the right (to get the multiplication table from 2 to 9 – 6 cells).
Similarly, make a vertical row of numbers. In cell A2 write the number 2, cell A3 the formula "=A2+1", then drag the formula to more cells down.
Start to fill the center of the table with the first column. To do this, write in the cell B2 the formula "=$a$1*A2" or simply "=2*A2". Then, grasping the box the x in the lower right corner will distribute the formula to all the cells below. Check all the numbers column must be multiplied by 2.
Similarly fill in the other columns: with the top cell, write the formula that multiplies the number specified in the column heading for the row title.
In order not to type the name of the cells manually every time, you can do the following: write in a cell " = " number, the multiplication sign, and then the mouse specify the cell whose value is to be multiplied by this number.
When the base table is ready, align the column width. To do this, select all columns of the table, not by clicking on the cell, and the letters indicating the column number (the columns should be allocated entirely).
Place your mouse cursor on the line separating the columns (also at the level of letter symbols), you will see how he will turn into double arrow. Then drag it right or left, the width of all columns, this changes. Similarly, change the row height.
In order not to confuse the column and row headings with the results, select the desired cells and using the formatting toolbar or menu item, right-click "Format cells" to change the size, color, font, fill the entire cell as a whole. You can make this cell larger than the others.
If you are table to print in the printer settings, locate the "page setup" and adjust the scale to score the multiplication table was on the sheet in the desired size.

Advice 2: How in Photoshop to create the table

Creating tables is much easier with the help of the programs from the MS Office package – Excel and Word. From Adobe Photoshop and other goals and objects of the processing. But, if you try, you can draw the table and its tools.
How in Photoshop to create the table
In the File menu (File) select the New command ("Create") to create a new document. Now add a new layer, which will draw the table. Click on the layers panel to the Create a new layer button (the"Create new layer") or use the hotkeys Shift+Ctrl+N. On the color palette, pick the perfect shade and fill a new layer – this will be the background color of your table.
On the toolbar, select the Rectangle Tool (Rectangle) from the group of tools U. With it, create a cell of your table. To the cell turned out square, draw it while holding the Shift key. If you want all the cells in the matrix were the same, hold Alt+Ctrl and mouse drag the finished cell to a new location – in this case you will get its duplicate.
To simply move to the cell on the screen, move it while holding Ctrl. For precise positioning, hold down Ctrl and use the arrow keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right".
When all the cells are arranged in the desired order, select tool the Direct Selection Tool ("Management allocation"), right-click on the control knots of the last cell and select the Delete Anchor Point ("Delete anchor point"). If required, return to the side of the cell.
Note on the toolbar of the Brush Tool (Brush) and in the properties panel, set its diameter – it will fit the width of table borders. The foreground color defines the border color. Again, select the Rectangle Tool and right click on the table to invoke the context menu. Select Stroke Path ("Stroke").
Group tools U have another tool with which to draw the table. Select the Line Tool (Line) and draw a table with the desired number of columns and rows. To get a smooth, lead them, hold down the Shift key. When the table layout is ready, open the context menu right click the mouse and choose the option Stroke Path. Parameters of the brush, of course, you need to install in advance.

Advice 3: Who invented the multiplication table

The multiplication table is familiar to anyone still at school. Children start learning it in elementary school, and often students are curious - who invented the multiplication table?
Who invented the multiplication table

From the history

The first mention of the multiplication table known since 1-2 centuries. She was depicted in the format of ten in the book Nicomache Geraskova "Introduction to arithmetic". It was also shown that the image of the table around 570 BC Pythagoras used. The table of Pythagoras, numbers were recorded in the Ionian numbering. There used to be twenty-four letters of the Greek alphabet and three archaic letters of the Phoenicians 6=90=Kopp, 900=Sampi. To distinguish numbers from letters on numbers were performed, the horizontal line.

The Greek entry of decimal numbers and the modern model of the multiplication table are significantly different from each other. The differences can be attributed to the use and misuse of zero. Numbers-the letters from 1 to 9 are used to indicate full dozen full hundreds full thousands. They are referred to private letters.

In ancient times the people had signs of sum and difference. If a pair of numbers, letters, the left number was larger, they evolved, and if more had the right number, then he subtracted the left.

The study

Introduction to the everyday life of the people of the multiplication table contributed to the progress of oral and written accounts. Previously, there were a variety of clever methods of calculation works in the single digits. They have slowed down the process, and they committed a lot of computing errors.

In Russian schools the multiplication table comes to 10X10. Schools in the UK multiplication table 12X12 ends. This is due to the English units of measures of length. One foot equals twelve inches.

In the Soviet Union pupils of the first class asked for the summer to teach the multiplication table. Second grade math reinforcing knowledge of the multiplication table. Now in Russia the study of the multiplication table usually begins in the second grade.

The use of multiplication tables

The primary use of the multiplication table is to develop the practical skills of multiplication of natural numbers. But this is not its only use. Also used the multiplication table for some mathematical proofs. For example, for the derivation of the sum of cubes of natural numbers or obtain similar expressions for the sums of squares.

Who invented the multiplication table?

Multiplication table has its second name by the name of its Creator – the table of Pythagoras. It was known since ancient times. Pythagoras portrayed her almost in the same form, which has the modern model of the multiplication table on the covers of school notebooks.
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