Open Microsoft Excel on your personal computer. To do this, click "start" then "Programs". Find the Microsoft Office menu, it find the program Microsoft Excel. To draw a table, select the some range of cells.
Then on the toolbar click on the menu "Insert" select "Table". This operation can be done much faster if you use the key combination CTRL+L or CTRL+T. In the window that appears, select 'my table has headers". Then, specify the column names, otherwise default will be named "Column 1" "Column 2", etc.
Use the controls below to make changes to a table in Excel. You can find them in the tab "Designer", located on the toolbar. You can change the number of rows, columns, format cells and more.
Use of sorting to change only some part of the table, while leaving the rest intact. To resize it, hover over the dot mark in the lower right corner and pull to the side to shift the boundaries of the cells, giving them new values.
Use the alternative method of creating the table. It is to draw a table in Excel manually. Select a specific range of cells with a formal outline on a blank sheet. Then in the upper right corner on the toolbar, find the button "External borders".
Draw the table outline. Then break the cells inside in its sole discretion. To increase the volume of one cell at the expense of another, use button on the toolbar "Merge cells". You can also change the font color, cell background and other decorative items that will help make your table.