First, pay attention to the temperature sensor coolant. He is a thermistor. This sensor is wrapped in the outlet coolant, which is located on the cylinder head. At low temperature the sensor resistance must be high and at high temperature – low.
The coolant temperature calculated by the controller. This temperature influences most of the characteristics, which are controlled by the controller.
Also of great importance is the knock sensor. It is wrapped in the upper part of the cylinder block. Its main objective is to capture abnormal vibrations in the engine. The most sensitive element of the sensor is piezocrystals record. When knock occurs, the output of the generated voltage pulses. They are able to increase with the increase of intensity of detonation blows. The sensor sends a signal, and the controller carries out the adjustment of ignition timing. Thus, the elimination of detonation flares of fuel.
Note the sensor of oxygen concentration. It is installed on the exhaust front pipe. The oxygen contained in the exhaust gas reacts with this sensor, this creates a potential difference at the output of the sensor. There is a change from 0.1 V to 0.9 V. To make the switch is normally concentrated oxygen, it must have a temperature above 360°C. For this purpose, he installed the heating element. He is able in a short time to warm up the sensor to the required temperature. Thanks to the sensor, the controller determines which command to adjust the composition of the working mixture feeding to the nozzle. When you lean the command is given to enrichment, while a rich mixture is a lean condition.