You will need
  • - razor;
  • - brush to apply the foam;
  • - shaving cream or soap solution.
For a clean shave use a sharp properly sharpened razor. For safe operation, master the methods of its holding, if you don't have one skill. Nameless, average and index fingers put on top of the neck of the razor, the thumb on the lower part of the neck, and the pinky on the caudal notch. The thumb should rest on the heel the sting is to be driven down.
Turning up the razor tip, ring, middle and index fingers, place on a flat percentage of the neck on the outside, big from the inside. Leave the little finger on the tail recess.
Brush the foam soak for a few minutes in a Cup with hot water. After it, absorbing the water, will soften, remove it from the beaker and allow to drain. Whisk brush soapy solution before the formation of fluffy foam, making the bowl a circular motion.
Dial foam on the brush and smooth movements apply to whiskey. If hair is very hard, before applying the foam, make a soothing compress. For 1-2 minutes on whiskey lathered, apply a fold soaked in hot water wipe. People with sensitive skin with soft hair enough before covering his temples with foam just to RUB the hair with warm water.
After soaping immediately start to shave, because prolonged exposure of soap on the skin is highly undesirable. Remove the foam at the edge of his temple with the back of his razor. This will install the razor exactly on the trim, pulling the skin up.
Finger, pulls the skin, arrange on distance of 2-3 cm from the location of the razor. Move your finger only when you take the razor from the skin. First shave the hair from his temple to mid-cheek. Then turn the razor and cut the hair in the direction of the earlobe down to the neck.
After shaving, wipe off the temporal region residues of foam and wash with cold water. Apply to whiskey suitable for your skin type cream, that moisturize and soothe it.