You will need
  • Shampoo for beard, a mirror, a trimmer or a special machine with a replaceable blade, comb, shaving brush, shaving cream.
Before you begin shaving, choose what beard shape is right for you. If you have a small growth, you will have to face such types of haircut as "Kare" or "frill". If you're of average height, you can choose any shape – all haircuts will be equally look good. Tall men suit a bushy beard that would harmonize with the proportions of the figure. Anyway, choosing the type of hairstyle, remember that properly chosen shape is able to accentuate the advantages and correct the shortcomings.
Wash the beard with a special shampoo. Then allow it to dry. Comb her, placing her left hand palm, so that all the hairs on his beard "looked" in the same direction. If you are the owner of stiff bristles before shaving is helpful to make a hot compress. It will steam out the pores of the face and improve blood circulation. In that case, if you have dry skin, before shaving you can apply it cream.
With the help of a brush apply on beard, lather – this helps to soften the skin before shaving. Then cover the foam mustache. Start shaving with the removal of the bristles from his cheeks and neck. Remember that the first time you should shave in the direction of hair growth. Then repeat the process of applying for a beard soap scum and walk a razor for the second time against the hair growth. Then trim the moustache and remove the hair under lower lip.
Remove the foam remains with a damp cloth. Apply on the skin a soothing cream or moisturizing compress. Then refresh the face with toilet water and get a new haircut.