Trim sideburns is a crucial point that requires accuracy and care. Whiskey make straight, helical, triangular, up to the earlobes in the middle ear. The choice of the length of the temples and their forms sometimes cause difficulties for beginners in addition, you must make them symmetrical, equal in size, length and volume.
To perform a haircut at home need to have a simple set of tools: comb, scissors, razor and clips. When you perform a versatile short women's haircut wet clean hair. From the forehead to the occipital part in the center of the head thesite vertical parted section of hair. Kill it with the help of clip.
The remaining part of the comb down on the temples. The temporal length of the hair strands should be the same as the parietal. Keep this strand vertically and scissor cut the hair, pinning the hand to the skin so that hair will not slip out of the paintings of the scissors when you cut.
To execute a classic men's haircuts, wet hair and divide them into zones. Start with right temporal area. Diagonal parting highlight the strand parallel to the boundary line of hair growth. Acesite on the face and cut off a corner of temple to face. Thesite down and run the piping temple. The head should be straight.
Horizontal parting highlight the strand of hair on his temple, pull the right angle cut and straight cut. Highlighting strand by strand horizontal partings, cut hair temporal zones first with right and then left side.
To trim the hair below the line of the edging, gently pull the skin of the client in the course of the razor. Carefully follow the angle of the razor, so as not to injure the skin of the client. The movement of the razor should be light, effortless, strictly top-down with the undercut.