You will need
  • -machine for cutting hair;
  • -comb;
  • the conventional scissors;
  • -thinning shears.
It is easiest to learn to cut with clippers for the hair. If you need to make a simple short even cut, or "zero", then there are no subtleties there. The only thing is, the total time for any machine cutting. Hair should be clean and dry. In order to facilitate their further work, dry your hair in that direction, which will then be finished with the entire hair. Comb your hair and look for head scars or bumps. In these places, then proceed carefully. Put the required nozzle on the machine and start to remove the hair from the nape. Slightly tilt the machine and move it as if pushing. Then the haircut will turn out uniform. If you are just learning, it is better to start with larger nozzles, gradually moving to smaller ones.
When you're confident to own the car, you can start trying to do a model haircut. Now you will need the ability to control the scissors. Besides, for many men's haircuts require cutting out. To better understand the types of hairstyles, see logs in hairdressing. And in the Internet you can find video tutorials which will help you to understand the variety of men's haircuts.
In addition to the basic skills of cutting hair, you must be able to trim sideburns, beards and mustaches. They should fit harmoniously into the hair. So if your client has facial hair, ask if he was going to break up with her. Depending on the answer, choose the model haircut.
Of course, if you want to learn how to make creative men's hairstyles, you'd better enroll in hairdressing school or in various courses. There you will be shown the basic techniques and technology, will talk in detail about tools and the basic steps to perform a particular haircut for men.