Advice 1: How to shave your head

Some men prefer to shave their head. The reasons are different, some are just so convenient, while others try to hide the thinning hair. The head have to shave properly, it will help to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs.
How to shave your head
You will need
  • - machine or clipper;
  • is shaving foam;
  • - moisturizing lotion.
Shaving podstekolnoj machine without a nozzle is the easiest way to get rid of hair on the head. Pre-wash your hair with shampoo and thoroughly dry. This will help to get rid of the skin fat and make it easier to slide machines. Start slowly led clippers, it is advisable to the hair growth. If you cut the growth, then the hair will grow back very quickly. After all vegetation is removed safely, wash your head and apply aftershave. It is worth noting that after shaving the hair clippers are the hairs short lengths of approximately 1 mm.
Before shaving machine, hair wash is not necessary. Apply the head of a special shaving foam. Gently begin to shave the hair against their growth. If places have not propilas, wash the head and repeat the procedure. If you shave you have the feeling that the cassette was blunt – change it. Use a blunt blade is undesirable, because of this, you may receive severe irritation on the skin. After shaving treat the skin with lotion or a moisturizing cream with antibacterial effect. Shaving machine hair becomes a little tougher, and grow back fast enough.
If you don't want to shave yourself, then ask any hairdresser. Men's haircuts are inexpensive. However hairdressers do not use the machine, so you could shave the head professional podstekolnoj machine. But if you have the desire, you can make even a figure
Useful advice
Shaving the head, we have quite often, otherwise the hair starts to grow and look untidy. Remove vegetation on the head about once a week. Of course, you can do it less frequently, but to shave long hair is much more difficult.

Advice 2: How to shave your legs with a machine

Modern girl must look perfect. Smooth skin is one of the signs of perfection. If you prefer to shave my legs with a machine, you should consider some important points.
Shaving legs

How to choose the machine

When choosing a machine, it is better to focus on the female models. They differ from the male not only design, but also the degree of mobility of the head. This feature allows the razor to glide easily over the skin without the risk of it scratching. The number of blades on the quality of the shave will not be affected, but the sharpness is a key success factor. While he shaved with a blunt razor, you injure the skin.

Besides standard machines with blades, the girls offers a many models of electric shavers. Some are suitable for shaving dry skin, while others are designed for wet shaving and are used together with warm water and various cosmetics.

To shave it you better decide. And machines, and electric shavers have their advantages and disadvantages.
To make a choice between machine and razor you can just try two options.

The legs were smooth, the women need to shave quite often. During this process, you can cut yourself and cause ingrown dots-hairs and skin irritation. To avoid these complications is very easy, once you follow a few rules.

How to shave the skin on nahdah

Before you proceed, take a hot shower. Your skin will be steamed, the hairs will soften and the pores will be revealed – subsequent shaving will be much easier.

To shaving legs passed most effectively treat their skin scrub. This tool will allow you to remove the obsolete cells of the epidermis. So, you will protect yourself from dirt in the hair follicles during shaving.

To accelerate and simplify the process of shaving will allow the use of a special cream, foam or mousse. You can either use a female version of gel, or male. After all, many girls like men's fragrances.

While shaving do not press the blade hard, otherwise you can damage the skin. The razor should be carried out to the direction of hair growth – from top to bottom. If you prefer to shave their legs against the hair growth, do not blade on the same place more than once.
If after shaving, the skin appeared irritated, anoint the problem areas with hydrocortisone cream. It effectively relieves burning and redness.

The blade of the machine is not clogged, rinse it as often as possible. After shaving, be sure to thoroughly rinse the machine.
After shaving the remains of the foam or cream to wash off with water, and then well wipe the skin. Then apply a foot moisturizer to protect the skin from dehydration.

Advice 3: Whether you need to shave your armpits man

In the era of unisex men adopted a lot of feminine habits – manicure, use a white makeup, beauty treatments. But still open question, should a man do shave their armpits? Someone a long time it does, someone thinks such shameful, not worthy of manhood.
Whether you need to shave your armpits man
To the question, why do men shave their armpits, it's best to meet women. The beautiful half of humanity like when near them neat well-groomed guy. The lack of vegetation armpits is aesthetically pleasing. On the beach the body of a man is a wonderful sculpture, not the reason for the whispering behind my back.
Based on the basic concepts of hygiene, it is possible to answer for themselves, a man needs to shave her pits. In the winter, perhaps, the hair in this area will not cause much discomfort. But in hot weather, when sweat flows from his armpits, there is a desire to take the machine and be done with it. Besides, excessive sweating spoils the appearance of things – colored fabrics fade, the white turn yellow. This picture instantly distorts the overall impression of communicating with a nice guy.
Why men shave their armpits if he wears open shirts and use deodorant? But at least for reasons of economy. For shaved armpits requires a much smaller amount of deodorant than hairy. Of course, those who are so dear to the vegetation in the area, not worth anything just buy a new tube of deodorant. But worth thinking about others girls. The presence beside sweating profusely hairy man – not the most pleasant pastime.
The logical question is - how man shave their armpits if the vegetation in this place above the norm? Those who have never done this, you will need detailed instructions. You first need to take a shower, carefully wash the remnants of the deodorant and perspiration.
Then you need to lift one hand, having the elbow bent behind the head, this pose allows you to see your armpit. However, beginners can shave in front of a mirror.
Now we need to soften the hair and protect the skin from cuts. There is useful regular foam for shaving with cooling effect.
Shaving armpits it is better to use the women's press. It is equipped with slippery moisturizing pads, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to the skin. Shaving is carried out first on hair growth, i.e. up against and then down.
Do not have to shave their armpits regularly. You can do it only in the summer or as needed. Unlike women, men are allowed a little "stubble" in this area. Besides men, is not characterized by hairiness, can even do without this procedure. After all, many women love light down on the body of a loved one, which they associate with masculinity.

Advice 4: Whether to shave child per year

To today's young mom comes down this myth: you need to shave your head kid in the year below his hair grow better. Earlier it was practiced by almost all families. But actually, skin and hair in children is too delicate for such manipulations.
Hair in children


Why shaved before babies

A few years ago, almost all babies in the year were bald. Our grandparents are very active shaved their heads to our parents, to stimulate hair growth. It is now much less likely to be seen shaven baby. And it pleases, because of such treatment of delicate skin can get a lot of problems.

How to change hair in children

Hair of a newborn are very different from those of an adult. They are more like light fluff. Even if the hair of infants is very long, they are often thin and light. From any breeze they stand on end. Rarely babies are born with thick curls.

The fluff on the baby's head is very thin, it easily wiped off from the collar on the clothes (especially if not enough vitamin D). Gradually the hair of children will become longer and denser. About a year process starts when a full-fledged hair. At this age there is often a need to make the cut: tickles the ears, bangs gets in your eyes etc. But no need to shave the child.

Harmful than shaving the head

The number of hair follicles does not increase with time, as they are in the skin, so be it. The kid's body knows when and how they should work. Shaving will only harm the scalp. And this is fraught with the fact that some hair follicles will simply die. Razor will scrape of the skin with a protective layer, which may form a crust.

The hair after this procedure will indeed become tougher, but for the delicate skin of the little man's up to no good. Stiff bristles will scratch it from the inside and this leads to inflammation and abscesses. The density of hair in children does not depend on whether the shaved head in a year.

All these inconveniences – the scab on the baby's head, inflammation, ingrown hairs, stiff bristles is unlikely to contribute to the well-being of the child. A more appropriate course of action parents: just let the hair grow destrega them where they cause discomfort. Someone in a year already thick hair, and someone walks almost 2 years with the "two hairs". No reason to worry and to hurt my child, shaved his head. All in good time: lanugo is replaced by hair in children sooner or later.

Advice 5: Do I need to shave their armpits

Modern fashion dictates its own rules, which sometimes can even be at odds with what nature has created. For example, it is believed that the hair of the person should be only on the head, and with the rest of the vegetation a better deal. But do I have to do this?
Do I need to shave their armpits

What armpit hair

The scientists have several hypotheses about what function is performed by the hair growing in the armpits. First and foremost, in the armpits are lymph nodes. Exposure to UV light can lead to very unpleasant consequences – cancer. Dense vegetation also protects the area from sunlight. Hair reduce the friction that occurs while walking, while moving arms are held along the body. Another version is that the hair perfectly absorb odors, including the natural secret to having a musky scent attracting the opposite sex. The thicker the hair, the brighter the smell and, therefore, more attractive people. At least, so certainly believed by the ancient people until then, until he decided that the shaved armpit look more aesthetic.
The smell of sweat remains on the hair. In the air it oxidizes rapidly and becomes unpleasant, so the ability to absorb odors doesn't always work for the benefit of man.

Is it harmful to shave their armpits

Modern man no longer has the need to protect their armpits in dense vegetation. UV protect sun cream and several layers of clothing, dezodoranty soften the skin and prevent irritation from friction, and armpits, clearly smelling secretions of the sebaceous glands, is unlikely to seem attractive either. Getting rid of hair in this area, you will not cause your body harm.
The only inconvenience may be the irritation after shaving. Use a razor with sharp blades, wipe the skin after the procedure disinfecting lotion and use the cream.

To shave or not to shave

To shave or not to shave their armpits – it's entirely your taste preferences and your ability to resist the opinion of the majority that still believes that women's armpits should be bare mandatory, and men – is highly desirable. Many summer wear are designed in such a way that it is visible to the axilla, and hair in this place will be evident and will not contribute to the image of the stylish and well-groomed person. If you don't care how attractive seem around your armpits, you can leave everything as is, but paying attention to hygiene. In the end, it is your body and you are free to dispose of them at own discretion.

Advice 6: How often to shave his bald head

One of the very popular options of hairstyles for men is a shaved head. Some men choose this style in order to look more brutal – remember how attractive and charismatic, for example, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or Fyodor Bondarchuk. Special care for the shaved head is that shaving should be done regularly to a bald spot looked neat.
How often to shave his bald head
What reasons can cause a person to shave my head except the desire to look more manly? Sometimes men are forced to choose this style, because attempts to hide baldness, sucesive hair, for example, with a temple on top, look just comical. Sometimes this hair – or rather the lack of it, choose for yourself and women, but it is quite exotic and rare option that is not suitable for every.

How often you need to shave the bald spot?

First of all, it should be understood that the frequency of shaving the head depends not only on the speed of hair growth in each individual. For example, man is naturally good and thick hair, can afford not to shave grow hair for some time, while it will look as if cut your hair under the machine. If a man shaves himself bald due to severe hair thinning on the head, rare growing hairs on his scalp just will not add charm. If he had blond hair, a pink scalp, covered with sparse light hairs, can waft around the Association with the young pig, but if dark, then light bristle on his head might look perfectly messy and even disgusting.

In fact, many men who prefer to shave their head bald, do this daily. At a certain skill to shave the entire scalp will take you no longer than usual to shave, so turn bringing your chosen hairstyle to perfection the part of the morning ritual of caring for yourself is easy. Ultimately, every one of those who shaves bald, selects for themselves the optimal frequency of this procedure.

How to shave a bald head?

If you want to shave off your hair because this hairstyle does not require any special care, then you can expect some disappointment from the fact that your expectations do not match reality. Even a shaved head will not look attractive in itself: it is necessary to prevent ingrown hairs and to use special means for washing the skin, scalp, and moisturize. Hardly dry and flaky skin on the head, not covered with hair will make you more attractive at least in someone's eyes.

To make shaving more comfortable and to avoid future ingrown hairs, take a hot shower before this procedure, which will force the pores of your skin open. Use the shaving head special razors, the design of which was developed specifically for this purpose. Don't skimp on the shaving cream you want to use – perhaps you will be a pleasant surprise the appearance of irritation on the scalp. When you shaved from the scalp all the hair, make sure to use good moisturizing and soothing after shave gel.
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