Advice 1: How to shave your head

Some men prefer to shave their head. The reasons are different, some are just so convenient, while others try to hide the thinning hair. The head have to shave properly, it will help to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs.
How to shave your head
You will need
  • - machine or clipper;
  • is shaving foam;
  • - moisturizing lotion.
Shaving podstekolnoj machine without a nozzle is the easiest way to get rid of hair on the head. Pre-wash your hair with shampoo and thoroughly dry. This will help to get rid of the skin fat and make it easier to slide machines. Start slowly led clippers, it is advisable to the hair growth. If you cut the growth, then the hair will grow back very quickly. After all vegetation is removed safely, wash your head and apply aftershave. It is worth noting that after shaving the hair clippers are the hairs short lengths of approximately 1 mm.
Before shaving machine, hair wash is not necessary. Apply the head of a special shaving foam. Gently begin to shave the hair against their growth. If places have not propilas, wash the head and repeat the procedure. If you shave you have the feeling that the cassette was blunt – change it. Use a blunt blade is undesirable, because of this, you may receive severe irritation on the skin. After shaving treat the skin with lotion or a moisturizing cream with antibacterial effect. Shaving machine hair becomes a little tougher, and grow back fast enough.
If you don't want to shave yourself, then ask any hairdresser. Men's haircuts are inexpensive. However hairdressers do not use the machine, so you could shave the head professional podstekolnoj machine. But if you have the desire, you can make even a figure
Useful advice
Shaving the head, we have quite often, otherwise the hair starts to grow and look untidy. Remove vegetation on the head about once a week. Of course, you can do it less frequently, but to shave long hair is much more difficult.

Advice 2 : How to shave your head

One of the most radical ways to deal with baldness is to shave my head. The same method can be called and most convenient. Yes, you will need to have sufficient courage to part with his hair. On the other hand, a totally bald head is more stylish and attractive than balding. Most importantly, make it look neat, no scratches or blemishes. This can be achieved only competent shave.
How to shave your head
You will need
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - machine for cutting hair;
  • - razors 3-4 pieces;
  • - foam or shaving gel;
  • - means for skin care after shaving;
  • - mirror 2 pieces.
If you have quite long hair, pre-trim them with scissors as short as possible.
Put the machine nozzle for a hairstyle "under a zero", and cut hair all over the head. If you cut yourself, it is more convenient to use the trimmer on the battery. This gives more freedom of movement in front of the mirror.
Wet your head with warm water and apply a thick layer of foam. So how will you shave slowly apply the foam parts.
Wait two minutes and start shaving with a razor blade. You first need to remove the soft hair that grows on the temples, above the ears and on the tanks. Try to shave the hair moving in the same direction.
If you have sensitive skin, and scalp is the same. In this case try to guide the razor blade for hair growth. Of course, the result will be worse than if you'd had my head shaved against the hair growth, but skin is much less irritated.
If you have thick skin, not prone to irritation, it is safe to drive the blade against the direction of hair growth to achieve the ideal result.
Start to shave the nape of the neck. The back of her hair is more dense, so hold the shaving cream a little longer so they have time to soften. Keep free hand behind the razor, to ensure that left nesbeth hair. Then shave the top the same way.
Carefully inspect yourself with two mirrors and make sure that all clean-shaven. Don't be lazy and look yourself.
Rinse your head with hot and then with cold water. Due to this the pores will close and there will be less irritation. Wipe your face dry.
Apply on the scalp cream after shave for sensitive skin.
Don't shave more than twice a week can lead to skin irritation.
Useful advice
The best time for such a drastic haircut– early spring. In summer and autumn too is the contrast between pale skin and tanned face, and in winter the habit you will constantly freeze.

Advice 3 : How often to shave his bald head

One of the very popular options of hairstyles for men is a shaved head. Some men choose this style in order to look more brutal – remember how attractive and charismatic, for example, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or Fyodor Bondarchuk. Special care for the shaved head is that shaving should be done regularly to a bald spot looked neat.
How often to shave his bald head
What reasons can cause a person to shave my head except the desire to look more manly? Sometimes men are forced to choose this style, because attempts to hide baldness, sucesive hair, for example, with a temple on top, look just comical. Sometimes this hair – or rather the lack of it, choose for yourself and women, but it is quite exotic and rare option that is not suitable for every.

How often you need to shave the bald spot?

First of all, it should be understood that the frequency of shaving the head depends not only on the speed of hair growth in each individual. For example, man is naturally good and thick hair, can afford not to shave grow hair for some time, while it will look as if cut your hair under the machine. If a man shaves himself bald due to severe hair thinning on the head, rare growing hairs on his scalp just will not add charm. If he had blond hair, a pink scalp, covered with sparse light hairs, can waft around the Association with the young pig, but if dark, then light bristle on his head might look perfectly messy and even disgusting.

In fact, many men who prefer to shave their head bald, do this daily. At a certain skill to shave the entire scalp will take you no longer than usual to shave, so turn bringing your chosen hairstyle to perfection the part of the morning ritual of caring for yourself is easy. Ultimately, every one of those who shaves bald, selects for themselves the optimal frequency of this procedure.

How to shave a bald head?

If you want to shave off your hair because this hairstyle does not require any special care, then you can expect some disappointment from the fact that your expectations do not match reality. Even a shaved head will not look attractive in itself: it is necessary to prevent ingrown hairs and to use special means for washing the skin, scalp, and moisturize. Hardly dry and flaky skin on the head, not covered with hair will make you more attractive at least in someone's eyes.

To make shaving more comfortable and to avoid future ingrown hairs, take a hot shower before this procedure, which will force the pores of your skin open. Use the shaving head special razors, the design of which was developed specifically for this purpose. Don't skimp on the shaving cream you want to use – perhaps you will be a pleasant surprise the appearance of irritation on the scalp. When you shaved from the scalp all the hair, make sure to use good moisturizing and soothing after shave gel.
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