Advice 1: How to cut a clipper haircuts for men

Currently, the stores got a wide assortment of electric clippers for haircuts hair. They are presented in different price ranges and from different manufacturers. But all clippers hair intended for one common purpose - men's haircuts at home. At home you can make cutting worse than in the cabin. Special skills are not required for this. There are several types of haircuts.
How to cut a clipper haircuts for men
You can cut all the hair one length dimension of the nozzle, holding the machine against the hair growth. Whiskey and neck area to handle, without attachments, to deploy the machine in the direction of the hair. This is the most simple haircut.
In order to make a more complicated hairstyle, relating to the classification model, set the desired length of the nozzle # 1 or # 2. Keep the clipper blade up. Start the haircut from the neck of growth of hair. Cut up to the nape.

Change the nozzle, for No. 3 or No. 4 and cut to the top. Next, change the nozzle on # 1 or # 2 and cut the hair at the temples. And put No. 3 or No. 4 and cut from his temples, sending the machine to the top.

Then from the top drive the machine against the hair growth towards the top of the head. If cut in the direction of hair growth, they will differ in length.

When you cut to use the comb and cut hair on top of her.

A haircut always start with the back of the head.

The final procedure is to trim the hair around his temples and neck. To do so, remove all attachments, to deploy the machine in the direction of the hair and trim whiskey and neck.
For conical cutting, install the nozzle # 4 and cut from the back towards the top. Then trim against hair growth from the front and sides. For getting a flat head, you have to lift the hair comb and cut the comb.
For a good haircut should be cut clean, dry hair.
After every haircut clippers need to shake off the hair with a special brush. Blade oil that comes with the machine.

Advice 2: What haircuts young woman (photo)

The desire to look good and youthful at any age are perfectly normal and natural. A woman always remains a woman, even if she is already 90. There is no doubt that some hairstyles schoolgirl visually able to turn a 25-year-old woman. Conversely, there are haircuts that allow an adult woman look much younger than his years.
What haircuts young woman (photo)
A good anti-aging effect and give short haircuts with a "disheveled" hairstyle. A little creative mess on the head is associated in most people with youth, carelessness, and unbridled joy.

With this "ruffled" haircut can visually look younger not that five, but by ten years.
If you have gray thick hair, short hair will allow you to look stylish and noble.
One of the options molodtsa haircuts - haircut caret. The master offers a large space for imagination, as the options for styling hair quite a lot. Every day you can look different.

Haircut type the caret fixes the age of the owner at around 40 years old and not a year more.
Look at the editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour - she does not give her age. Meanwhile, Anna recently celebrated its 64th birthday.
Haircuts from the caret will always be the epitome of youth and freshness.
Specialists in the creation of the image of claim that with the help of thick straight bangs, you can achieve the desired effect of extending the youth.
Choosing the right haircut, with thick straight bangs will allow you to not only look but also feel younger. Interesting options such haircuts with an unusual decoration of the temples, lateral lines, head.
Ragged bangs and uneven contour of the temples, the asymmetry of the lines in the haircut is one of the most recent fashion trends.
You should avoid smooth flowing lines based haircuts. That is an irregular line, the effect of restrainst, the lack of symmetric elements give the haircut ability to rejuvenate.
Will suit Mature women who have managed to maintain good form .
This haircut will perfectly emphasize the individuality.
Highlights - a great way to visually rejuvenate the face. A fashion statement combined with the beautifully colored strands have the potential to radically change your image and make you even more attractive. This haircut is ideal for well-groomed woman who wants with a new hairstyle to throw a few years.
Most likely, you will have to cut your hair a few times before you choose the ideal hairstyle that will allow you to feel young.

Young hair is shiny healthy hair. Therefore, you should pay attention to the hair. Dull matte hair added years, even a young girl.
Useful advice
In order to properly choose a haircut with a rejuvenating effect, it is necessary to know the features and the type of your face. There are rules on the selection of hairstyles to young. Violation of these rules may have the opposite effect - add a few more years.
Therefore it is useful in the selection of haircuts to consult with an experienced technician.
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