You can cut all the hair one length dimension of the nozzle, holding the machine against the hair growth. Whiskey and neck area to handle, without attachments, to deploy the machine in the direction of the hair. This is the most simple haircut.
In order to make a more complicated hairstyle, relating to the classification model, set the desired length of the nozzle # 1 or # 2. Keep the clipper blade up. Start the haircut from the neck of growth of hair. Cut up to the nape.

Change the nozzle, for No. 3 or No. 4 and cut to the top. Next, change the nozzle on # 1 or # 2 and cut the hair at the temples. And put No. 3 or No. 4 and cut from his temples, sending the machine to the top.

Then from the top drive the machine against the hair growth towards the top of the head. If cut in the direction of hair growth, they will differ in length.

When you cut to use the comb and cut hair on top of her.

A haircut always start with the back of the head.

The final procedure is to trim the hair around his temples and neck. To do so, remove all attachments, to deploy the machine in the direction of the hair and trim whiskey and neck.
For conical cutting, install the nozzle # 4 and cut from the back towards the top. Then trim against hair growth from the front and sides. For getting a flat head, you have to lift the hair comb and cut the comb.
For a good haircut should be cut clean, dry hair.
After every haircut clippers need to shake off the hair with a special brush. Blade oil that comes with the machine.