Daniel Craig (47)

Preparing for the role in the Broadway musical "Prolonged rain", Craig grew a mustache. Colleagues of the actor believe that now Daniel is similar to the COP of the 80s and the porn star. The comparison, of course, the evil (what else to expect from "well-wishers") but we cannot agree that the mustache Daniel don't go. They will forgive him, do look like a wet cat.

Prince Harry (31)

A thick red beard Harry grew during his expedition to the South pole. In the harsh conditions of the Prince was not up to shaving. But it turned out that the beard is Harry. She gives the young man of brutality and special charm.

Garik Kharlamov (34)

It is known that men got a moustache and beard to give his image of masculinity. Garik Kharlamov to do so. Clean shaven, he looks more solid and convincing. But the antennae and Crescent-shaped goatee make it alive and rich facial expressions the face is a caricature. In our opinion, this is too much.

Dima Bilan (34)

Art requires sacrifice. For the film by Yury Vasiliev "Music in the ice" Bilan had to grow a beard. We would not be so categorical. Yes, Bilan looks older, but it didn't spoil it. Therefore we raise a thumbs up!

Bradley Cooper (40)

If you would like me to choose and to determine what the image of Cooper we like, we would have voted for both images. Handsome Bradley does not spoil the beard (or stubble), but you cannot say that without facial hair he looks worse. It's true that beauty does not spoil. Well, thumbs down says about the bad quality photos – nothing more.

Jim Carrey (53)

The actor grew a beard, which too brought him down. But we don't like Kerry and no beard. The actor has lost weight and looks at it, like he was sick.

Danila Kozlovsky (30)

The beard makes the face more masculine Daniel. Without it Kozlovskiy like a sissy. Apparently realizing this, the artist prefers stubble clean shaven face. According to Daniel, the light stubble lends him a brutality. But we still tag no. It is, as in the case Bradley describes the quality of the photo.