To look hipsters, not necessarily to visit beauty salons and hairdresser. The most simple hipster ladki can be done at home. Take some mousse and walkmate hair like he just woke up. Well, if one or two strands will subside on the face: such a sloppy manner the best way to describe the hipster who despises the establishment and glamour.
Popular with hipsters is the undercut haircut which is easy to do with scissors and clippers. This hairstyle is characteristic shaved whiskey and long bangs and the back of the head. The advantage of haircuts-the undercut is that it can be different to style and create it with any look from retro to classic and underground punk.
Often hipsters grow long hair, which you can then collect in the tail or make intricate extreme styling. However, most students and office workers such luxury is prohibited dress code, so long men's hairstyle with a touch of negligence remain the prerogative of independent artists and other representatives of creative professions.
Vintage and retro in all its forms is especially urgent among the hipsters of both sexes. Clothing and jewelry styles in the corresponding gain in second-hand and flea markets and hairstyles find movies, old posters and photographs. Fleece, Coca, perms, high stacking or smoothed the bangs needed to create the right look.
Girls-hipsters do not lag behind boys in their desire to look natural, flouting conventional standards of beauty. Most popular short haircut “a boy”: it's much easier to keep a relaxed look, plus they are easy to care for.
Extreme hairstyles are not less important among the fair sex, especially in conjunction with bright coloring or highlights. Asymmetrical a-line bangs, shaved whiskey, overhead strands unimaginable colors allow you to create a rebellious image.
Nothing transmits natural female beauty, like pigtails! For hypstercom the image, you can braid two braids or to make a complicated hairstyle that combines different types of weaving. Summer popular cornrows: you may not spend time on daily styling, which is especially important in trips and campaigns.
Hair accessories is an important attribute of the present hypstercom a look. Headbands, elastic bands, hair clips, twisters, bands should attract attention and reflect your image no less than clothes, a MacBook, or a Cup of “Starbucks”.